our department has over all had a good relationship with the thp. but latley within the last year or so we have gotten some new troopers and they have a new supervisor. just tonight we had a tractor trailer fire on the interstate. the chief arrives and shuts down the interstate for firefighter and public saftey. when thp arrives he demands that the road be reopened. the tca code says any road in the state can be shut down for saftey buy the highest ranking fire offical on the scene if deamed necessary. i dont see why these new officers cant respect we are just trying to do a good job and control the scene and protect everyone involved, its not like we just go out on any road and shut it down for our health we have much better things to do!!!! are we having this problem everywhere? are our brothers being threatned to go to jail trying to keep our fellow comrads safe? this is an outrage that we should have to put up with sutch garbage from someone who needs to do his or her job and keep the public off of us so we can do ours safley. all i can say is take me to jail but you better have a hell of an atturney and some deep pockets cause im gonna take you to the cleanners if arrested due to shutting the road down!!!!

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Altho it is wrong, you have to understand that new law enforcement officers (leo's) alot of the time think they are the cock of the walk because they have a badge and a gun. Leo's do not understand the fire side of things because they look at scenes from a diffrent aspect than we do. What needs to take place, if this is a growing problem, is the cheifs need to get togeather with public saftey, ems, and the head of the local THP post and have a meeting and discuss things. Being the professionals that they all are suspose to be, they should come out of that meeting with an understanding on each others place at any scene. If I were you, I would use my chain of command and push the idea of a meeting.

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