I now use this little icebreaker, when teaching any new recruit school classes. It shows the group we are all human and keeps us grounded to where we came from... So tell me a story of something you did, (or said) in front of your peers that was funny or strange when you were a newbie.

My story was quite embarassing, it happened 16 years ago, during my very FIRST call for an MVA with entrapment. Accident occurred right down the street from my house. (then a vollie) responded in my POV, shiny red lights flashing, thinking hey I am going to be first due for a few minutes until the rescue and squad arrives. Jumped out of my truck, donned my gear... just as I was taught in FF1. Reached in a pulled my helmet off the top of the passenger side seat rest, (you know you have to ride around town showing off your helmet, LOL) and placed it on my head.

The funny part was about 15 minutes later after the call was under control and the victim was loaded into the ambulance, I was informed, in my hast to don quickly and look the part of a seasoned firefighter... I was actually wearing my helmet (pisspot then) backwards the entire call and nobody told me. I thought to myself at one point, I must be doing something wrong because even the victim looked at me funny, LOL

My Chief even got in on the gag as he came by and said, hey kid, I am glad to see we spent good money on that FF1 class... So I thought he was giving my kudos for a job well done or something... up until another guy walked by and spun my helmet around and said your head is on backwards newbie.

I don't see it as embarassing anymore, actually makes you remember we were all once newbies and overly excited to just be a part of the family...

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FYI, module II is PPE.
Ahhh, great subject.

One of my "shining" moments is riding in the jumpseat enroute for a MVC. Stepped out of the jumpseat, being sure I put on my helmet on. Well, I forgot to take off my headset. Surprisingly, the cord was pretty long and stretched a good ways, so I made it about a foot away from the apparatus before I was jerked back, my helmet falling to the ground.

Ahhh, good times.
I've had some good ones, but here's one: one of my first fires was a room and contents type fire, and we did a good job of knocking it down and we were mopping up. I was told to drain the line and take it outside. I grabbed the uncharged line and opened it up to drain it in the room, just as the Assistant Chief walked in to take a look...with his coat wide open. Yup, I soaked his front side really well, top to bottom as the pressure dropped out. The guys thought it was one of the greatest gags ever, and to this day the A.C. thinks I did it on purpose. We are good friends, so it's been a funny story since day one, even though I did feel bad at the time.
sorry lol i get them all mixed up lol
where do I start????

Read my blogs......self explanatory.....
Several times, mostly at brush fires over the past eleven years, I've gotten to ride the tail board. Its fun, and we weren't doing anything that could have been dangerous. Heh.. When I first joined, we had a 1963 IHC pumper, 4x4. It looked like a good, old fashion fire engine. Not commercial, it had a fire truck look. I loved that truck, but they replaced it with a 97 KME Tanker/Pumper. We had removed the hose, took our name off the doors.. It was time to say goodbye. One of the other "junior firemen", had my digital camera. He said, hop up, I'll take a pic. Okay.. Now, key details. It had a bar around across the top, with spot lights on it, for the hose bed.. and a handle bar, because in '63, riding the tailboard was acceptable. The lights were off, it was daylight, the doors were open.. But, I only saw one bar.. I grabbed the vertical hand rail, pulled up, hopped on.. stood up.. and back down I came. The hand bar, was about at mid chest level to me.. But, my chest didn't make it that far. Everyone laughed.. after a few hours.. it became old.. but a fun story for ppl to share for a few months.
Leave it up to you Kenneth . How come you never told us that one in class ?
I did a couple of things I can remember that made me pretty embarassed. My first call ever was just an EMS run for a pt. complaining of back and neck pain. We went and packaged her and put her on the cot. As were wheeling her out I started to put her feet first into the back of the rig. My captain looked at me and said "you wana put her in the right way?"

A few weeks after that, We got a call for a quad accident with injuries. We got on the rig and rolled out. Upon arrival, I went to jump outa the rig and still had my headset on. I got about two steps onto pavement before being pulled back by the cord. Only to turn around and see my lieutenant laughing at me.

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