My asst chief lost his home this morning, and now has nothing left. both of there cars are gone and have three kids going to school tomorrow. I was just curious if yall knew any ideas for fund raising?

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local red cross can help a its not much but can be a start put a jug at the local store you will get some donations
Fish fry, garage sale from donations around town , radio thon if small town.Ask other depts. around for help. Good luck.
hi my name is mike i'm a lut. in my local vol fire dept, i'm going to ask our dept. to help. do you have a name and address if i can get any help?
have a spagetti dinner at your dept . CHECK WITH LOCAL SUPERMARKETS FOR DONATIONS.iT NEVER HURTS TO ASK.oopS , caps lock on.sorry.
red cross for sure then also look to some industry around town and if you have an assoc. or a nonprofit that they can donate to a lot of times there is money and product there. faith based services such as mennonite disaster service and southern baptist relief may also help. we started an assoc. to help out in cases like this in macon county. i will talk to our guys and see if we can help. will need address or phone. or you can email. that is a real bummer about the house, i left home for a weekend and mom and dad burnt the roof off our house so i know a little but we didn't lose it all. sorry real sorry
We've had spaghetti suppers for fund-raisers, have a cover charge to get in, then have a boot at a table for donations. Invite other fire departments in your area (esp. your mutual aid depts.)
Of course being from Texas we have a brisket supper usally with potato salad and cole slaw, most of the time the local stores and local people will donate the supplies it does well and then there is always the chilli supper.
Sarah, On behalf of all of the firefighters in Montgomery County Indiana, we're sorry for their loss!. My house burnt on July 4th 2006.. A few firefighters in my community who are friends of mine, started contacting local businesses and explaining the loss of everything and once they heard I was a firefighter, we had more than we could ever ask for. I mean, everything from Target giving a $100 gift card to Wal-Mart giving a couple hundred, to a bunch of local restaurants giving coupons for free food, local furniture store giving a free recliner and a free love seat, etc.. The big thing is, when you call and ask, explain that he is a firefighter and that he (AND HIS FAMILY) has lost everything.. They'll help out!
Sarah first of all my thoughts and prayers go out to your chief and family, but our local red cross and crisis unit usually takes care of this but since this is your asst. chief then I'm sure your department will step in, just like mine would, and supply money, a vehicle for them to us and even the basement of a firemans home. I know we would around these parts.

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