my first fire call was a car fire it was a 1969 vet . my capt and my chief look at me and said you ready to have fun. after that day i had the biggest smile on my face and i love it. And the whole way there my capt was sing the long ranger song to me to go get going

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yep, mine was a semi vs car, and a 16 y/o boy died in the vehicle and thats when I knew I was hooked into helping people and I started getting into EMS from there on.
My 1st call where I left the station was during a blizzard, we were going for a car off the road, over turned I believe is what the dispatch said. So we got through town ok and we were on the back road in route to the car's location * it was an automatic mutual aid run * As we were going down the road, we were just about out of our city limits when the car in front of us got over as far to the right as possible and did as they should for lights and sirens while the oncoming traffic failed to yield and kept coming, not pulling of despite many available locations, at the last second the oncoming car got far enough away we could begin to turn (brakes were slowing us but not fast enough) and don't ask me how, but the tires got some traction and by some miracle we only clipped the rear driver side corner of the Honda Civic. It scuffed the trucks bumper and killed his rear bumper and part of the rear quarter panel and bent in his wheel well. Then because I am a minor they had to inform a parent when we got to the police station we walked next door to my family's business (they are literally right next to each other) to tell my dad while we are in turn out gear, we ended up walking in during a funeral. Then we got milkshakes so it was all good, but one hell of a long run.
As for the original accident we were responding to, right after our wreck (literally) it was determined that the car was abandoned from an earlier wreck.

Now the 1st run where I actually was able to do anything was during a storm about a month ago we did storm details around the city. We had 3 trucks out that night, one engine with a 4 man crew, or ladder with a 3 man crew, and I was on our mutual aid pumper with my father and another veteran firefighter. We went to wires and trees down around the city, did some street clean up. After originally being dispatched for a possible structure fire.

Sorry for the long read.
My first call I believe was a car accident. Its was a very hot day I was issued a pair of pull up boots and heavy black nomex coat. Since we did not have any type of traffic vests we had to keep the coats on.

Later that night we had a field fire, boy I my butt was dragging when I got home from that call.
My first fire call was a medical assist on a "hemorrage".
When we arrived, we found an elderly man laying on the floor of his restroom, with blood and crap sprayed everywhere. The smell was unforgetable! He had had a GI bleed. One of the guys on the rig was a paramedic and he just laughed, knowing by experience what we were going on. I understood then why he told me to plan on "plugging it".
My first fire call when I was a FF was a brush fire when I was an intern in 1978. Threw the back pack pump (Indian Pump) on my back, over my structural fire fighting gear and walked about a mile into the woods to help put the fire out. It was great until it was all over and I realized I had blisters about the size of silver dollars on the sides of my big toes from my ill fitting structural fire boots. It was really uncomfortable when they ripped open. My first fire before I went into fire fighting was when my 1969 Ford Econline Van burned up in my driveway at my parents house (total loss - $150 bucks). Whole town turned out for that one. I only felt a little dumb for the next 6 months or so.
mine was a trailer fire . and i had to drive a 1000 gallon tanker 7 miles to get to the fire . it kept jumping out of high gear. top speed was i think 45 mph if i remember right . i was about a mile behind the pumper when he went 97.
Boring my first call 16 siren goes offf I run like a idiot to get to the hall.. Yea grass fire.. But it was cool that day .. I look back now and what a idiot I was
My first was a 2 car 10-55, some kid stole his mothers blazer and was crossing one of the highways (a 55mph zone) and got hit broadside by a pickup, the blazer rolled over almost into the ditch on the other side of the road, luckily no one was hurt.
Mine was a structure fire two days after I joined the dept. It was the home of one of the guys on the fire dept. Luckily nobody was home.
yes it was at 3:24 am residental house fire with entrapment whatta way to get broke in huh.I WAS 18YRS. OLD AT THE time it was snowing and 25degrees out side . it was terrible we failed to save his life it was fully engulfed when we arrived and partilly on the ground it had been burning 4 a while .
My first call as at 7:20 am in Oct. I dont rember the day but it was in 2007. I heard the siren from the house ( I lived about a mile from the station) so I went to the station. I didnt know the details of the call cause i didnt have a pager yet. Enroute to the scene i found out that it was a school bus fire. When i got there, there wasnt any rescue or anything just fighting fire. The kids were all off the bus and on another bus on the way to school already. The bus was a rear engine model and the fire as caused by the turbo charger blowin oil into the exhaust side and chatching on fire. The bus as a total loss.
My first call was a structure fire of sort. The poor man lost a vintage harley and corvet. Things were exploding all over. Thats when I knew for sure this was what I was ment to do.

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