ok so im the only girl in my post and an on top of that im the chief of the post. i get the feeling some of the guys don't like this but im not sure. especially since i beat them at some of our drills. do any of you guys have girls in your posts and what do you think about this matter? please let me.

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Chelsea, I am an advisor for Venture Crew 343, they are just like explorers. I conduct alot of drills and training for the venture crew and for the volunteer division of the Weirton Fire Dept. I can tell you first hand that I had 2 girls in the venture crew and they work just as hard as any of the guys, one is their crew lieutenant and may be moving up to captain soon. She was feeling the same way you are until she showed them up and proved to be a leader. I hope the best for you and i hope you stick with your career in the fire service
well im not a jr fire fighter nor have i ever been. But being a female fire fighter you will run into even men not just boys who wont like the fact that ur there. But who cares? if u love it thats what matters. For the first day i was in training tried to not beat the guys at our drills cuz well im not sure y. But after the first day of them trying to rub it in, i got tired of it and after that beat them at all but a few of the drills in the academy. It gained more respect from them beating them than it did not. It proved i could hold my own. They will eventually get used to it. Just takes a bit of time sometimes. Im guessing being an explorer will make it harder and take a bit longer cuz for me as soon as i had my first fire and then the first structure training after that i was told by all of my battalion chiefs and head chief i can go on a fire with them anyday.
I feel more and more young ladies should be explorers.
its nice to see girls that wanna be in the fire service b/c its generally a 'male dominated' occupation/volunteer activity.

plus girls look hot in ppe ;)
Yea we have two girls in our Cadet squad one of them is a higher rank than me but i don't care i think girls have the same right to do what a man does and yea I've seen girls tear guys up on drills some of them beat me!!
you aint lying bud
Hey, you should not worry about it. You take all to heart.
here in the philippines we are so proud if we have 1 girl in our squad.. girls can do the same as a man can do..
Well see we don't have a post yet but I am considered a Jr at my Fire Department.. I say ignore it if it is true because that is just to say that they are immature and can't except the fact that you are Top Dog LOL
Hell more power to ya! I have a few in my Explorer Program as well and also am the Explorer Captain/Chief .

I guess everyone that is appointed a higher possition than someone else will always have those people that are just jelous. Keep up the good work and laugh at the fact they are annoyed at the position you have over them. If they arent man enough to accept the fact that chicks can have that spot over them, then they need a life and can quit.

I grew up with my mom racing in baja and her being the only woman out there (they call it soloing the baja 1000 when you attempt the whole race alone.) so i have been all about chicks doing things that are usually dominated my men. And the fact that your beeting them at some drills and that "annoys" them is hilarious to me cuz that shouldnt be anything to get mad about, thats pathetic.

All i got to say is keep it up girl. Dont worry about it
There is nonthing wrong with girls in the post. My captain and both of my lieutenants are girls and there is no problems in my post.
i think its a great thing. I dont care what any person says, a girl can do just as good as a guy can. and if anyone has a problem with a girl being a firefighter they need their head checked.

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