ok so im the only girl in my post and an on top of that im the chief of the post. i get the feeling some of the guys don't like this but im not sure. especially since i beat them at some of our drills. do any of you guys have girls in your posts and what do you think about this matter? please let me.

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Ahhhhhh yes the golden "penta-cluster" always wins! And if you know women with better moustaches then I then:

#1- You must live in Oregon
#2- Leave them alone and let them do whatever job they want!
Hey Chelsea, I was the Chief of my explorer post way back in '85-'86 era. We did have females in our post and there were no issues. As far as I'm concerned, we are all firefighters, the only difference is which door we enter to take care of natures call.
I see you made it from explorer to full member status, congratulations. I'm guessing you'll be stepping up to the plate soon as an advisor? Take care and stay safe.
In my brigade there is me and one othr female firefighter 1 new recruit and 1 female fire police

i know some brigades can probabl;y be quiet sexist about having females doing the same job
im lucky my brigade treat us as if we're one of the guys
i mean sure we may have some weaknesses in some areas but thats what team work is for if i know i cant do something ill jus ask my buddy for help.
Well we have this girl in our department, and she dominates my life at everything I am only 17 and it's volunteer but she is good, like we were doing search and rescue in drill and she found the doll in 2 or 3 minutes flat it took me like 5 or 6 in complete darkness.
women power...

iron lady like lady diana...
Recently our Fire District did our usual fire prevention presentation at our local elementary school,this included crawling on the gym-atorium floor amungst the rows of seated kids(like a search) shaking hands with them.There where a few boys who made the comment "Girls can't be firefighters".Boy you should have been there to hear the reaction when the 2 firefighters got up to the front of the place,stood up,and took thier helmets,hoods and masks off,and there long hair falling down..."GIRLS???!!!" said one boy,followed by a loud cheering standing ovation by EVERY SINGLE LITTLE GIRL in the place!!! YES,Virginia THERE IS ROOM FOR WOMEN IN THE FIRE SERVICE! YOU ARE SOMEONE'S HERO TOO!

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