ok so im the only girl in my post and an on top of that im the chief of the post. i get the feeling some of the guys don't like this but im not sure. especially since i beat them at some of our drills. do any of you guys have girls in your posts and what do you think about this matter? please let me.

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guys never like it when girls do their job, especaly when u beat them [way to go]

my cousin is a paramedic and she does the job, but some girls complain alot, and actualy try to use the fact that they are a girl as a ecxuse,

i think some girls can be fire fighters, but not most
in our comapny we have grown women, and im a junior(male), but i am dating a female jr firefighter from another company and see no problem with it. i actually think it is a good thing, and it is wrong to stereotype against you. personally, i disagree with alot of people, and wish we had more female firefighters in my home town, but we dont.
As long as you can get the job done safely, it shouldnt matter.
we have one. but she texts alot while we are having class and then this one time she was practicing dance moves while the rest of us were stretching hoses and all. so sometimes its ok. what is the weirdest to me was when i did a rideout and i was riding with a woman on the engine but it was ok
on my junior explorer program we have one girl and shes the explorer commander, im also on a volunteer department and we have two girls up there as well and im gonna be honest id rather some of them pull me out of a house than some of our male ff's. some guys are comfortable with it some arent, and for many reasons . me personaly im ok with any one regardless of gender or color aslong as they'll have my back an they know what there doin.
Here where I live we have a paid fire department. In that fire department are several women who are just as good or even better than the male fire fighters. When I went through the Citizens Fire Academy in our county, our instructor told us that THE best fire fighter in the county was a woman. She was recently promoted to LT and I've heard that she's doing great in her leadership role as well. I had the opportunity to see her in action at a wreck that I was involved in and Wow! Talk about good! For reasons too complicated to go into here I was really affected by the wreck and was ready to quit all the stuff I'm involved in. Something just told me to go and talk to the crew that was at the scene the next time they were on shift, so I did. The LT took a lot of time to talk to me and I will never forget it.

The explorers program here in our county has more males than females but they're all good kids and seem to work well together.
Hey I am one of 2 girls in our explorers and the guys here don't like it too much either. Us girls just have to show the guys that we have what it takes to do the job and that we can do it the same if not better job than they can. That is my opinion.
I have several girls in my post and it tends to help motivate the guys to try harder when the girls out do them
I am only one of two girls in our post. But the other girl is not active very much at all. I do everything I can department and explorer wise. I know how it feels, we used to have 4 girls in our post
We have like 4 girls in our post. Outnumbering the males. But, they are equal in competion. Each member has strengths and weaknesses. I think females should do what they want, but know that in the fire world, equality is not what gets the job done. Just because a piece of paper says woman should be able to do something doesnt mean they can. I highly doubt that many people, not just females, could get me out of a building. I'm not a fat guy, just big. Muscles, with some padding. So, in my opinion, if you can't save your buddy, then what good are you?
Oh, and I forgot, don't let a bunch of punks bring you down. They can run there mouth, but can they play ball. Good luck.
Back when I was an explorer my chief was a girl. I am now a firefighter/ EMT-B. My explorer chief... Is a assistant chief for a "larger" department. keep up the good work

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