ok so im the only girl in my post and an on top of that im the chief of the post. i get the feeling some of the guys don't like this but im not sure. especially since i beat them at some of our drills. do any of you guys have girls in your posts and what do you think about this matter? please let me.

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ok hey. I am the Explorer Asst. Chief of the department that Chief Chelsea is on. I can vouch on 99%of the stuff she is saying. There were some that didn't like it. I was one. Now we are one big faimly there. The stuff of rubbing it in that she beats us. We do it also as a joke. We all laugh about it. Now she is one of like 3 people that I respect enough that I know that if she tells me to come to the station I will come no questions asked. She can't get no more respect from me cause she has all of it. I admit when I first joined I was like, whoa, A girl a chief. but when I got to know chief. She taught me that even girls can do anything and she has changed alot of the way I used to think about girls. She has deffinatly deserved the rank of chief. Thats what I say.

Explorer Asst. Chief
Eric Barnett

New Prospect Fire Rescue.
Out of 30 people on the department with me there are 12 women, Personally I think it tames us guys down a bit.
Well Chelsea i know that u think we dont like u being our chief. But i think u do the best u can and thats all anyone can do. So just hang in there and i dont think that u will have anything to worry about in August.
thanks asst.chief eric !!!!! i really didnt know you felt that way. the whole respect thing means alot. sometimes i dont know what you guys think of me being chief. it is hard sometimes for me. im going to miss being chief come august and i promise im not going to forget about yall explorers...i will still come to the meetings every chance i get. thanks again.

explorer chief
chelsea clayton
well jake it means alot to read that. i really appreciate it. and i know you will make a fine explorer. just work hard and try your best...you'll do fine.
We don't have any Explorers where I am living(hope to start one someday). But we do have some women that are on the fire departments and I would put them up against most anyone. To me size, strength gender is not the issue. You go at any situation by what ever your capable of doing. As I have gotten older I don't muscle my way through a lot of things like I did when I was younger. You do your best and lead by example, show anyone its not the gender that matters its what/why we do this that counts. I tell all the time that what we do is no place for egos trips.
Hang tough and remember the reason why you wanted to be involved in the first place.
i think there just as good as men and deserve the same rights as men.. my department no longer has girls on it but when they did they were treated the same.
Everyone says the same thoing. No problem. But thats all fine on paper. I'm nbot saying evey guy is a chauvenistic pig, but until theyt work with a women and get to the point where there comfortable them its going to be tough. 95% of it is her personality. The rest is the guys instiinct to protect her. Wew can't help it. we gotta get past that then its no big deal.
Hello: My name is Mike Orbell, a fire fighter with the Inuvik NWT fire department and a large percentage of our department is made up of women, and I wouldn't put it past any one of them to do better than me at any given task on any day of the week.

Personally I think having women on the department tames us guys down a bit. besides women all ready have more patience and live longer than us so what can I say?

Any guy that has a problem with this issue needs to grow a set of balls and step up to the plat.

I hope things go better for you''
I think girls can do anything a guy can. I wouldn't care if i had a girl under my command but if she couldn't keep up with her duties she would be let go just like anyother guy.
Hi Chelsea,
It has to be tough iknow a lot of Dept. that still make by laws to make it harder for females my position has always been simple on it , if the female in question can do as much as any guy on my squad or dept. than so be it and if she beats out most of the guys then she is first due truck, chin up and don't let them get to you work out stay fit and use some of that tough exterior to ignore one minded attitudes.
I agree my post has all girls except 2 boys

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