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Too funny thats what we always say when heading to a call where the medic is already onscene look for the flashing red lights LOL
VERRRRY SAD TO SAY THIS, and don't look down on our departments training but,

We had a rookie come out on-line and on his FIRST shift caught a house fire in his first in. They pulled on call, LT did his size up, they jumped out and the LT said to the ROOKIE Fireman:

ROOKIE:...... grab what.....
ROOKIE:.... huh...
LT: THE HOSE YOU @(*%^&@( IDIOT!!!!!

Needless to say, me being the driver grabbed the line and stretched it out for them as the LT did his walk around. This rookie is no longer a member of our fire department.... or any fire department. THANK THE LORD!
That's sad
This happened one night at my old volley station. My captain (then a lieutenant), his girlfriend, another firefighter, and myself were frying fish at the station late one night. I had just joined the department a day ago (all my friends were on the department and talked me into joining because I'd have fun... if only I'd have known sooner!) and had no training at all. We walked outside and they were showing me the trucks, my capts girl was inside watching tv while the grease was heating up. We hear a scream and we all run inside. The grease was burning and the station was filling with white smoke. None of us panicked it was a small grease pan smoking, but capt's girl was freaking out. She asked what we should do, and my capt laughed and told her straight up, "Quick, grab the phone and call 9-1-1, tell them there's a fire in the kitchen with a heavy smoke showing!" She took off around the corner and grabbed the cordless phone. I turned off the burner and moved the pot into the sink while the other ff unplugged the phone from the base so she couldn't call. And my captain just laughed when she came stomping back red in the face embarassed and mad!

We all got a big laugh out of it, this was the night I got my first training in firefighting: ventilation!

Everyone made fun of me anytime we wanted to cook out at the station, "Don't let Logue cook, he'll burn down the Fire Station!" They only laughed at the captains girl for a few days, for me it stuck my whole time with that department.
My dad was a Wildland Firefighgter for the US Forest Service for 20yrs and he told me this story.

They were doing a prescribed burn on the National Forest one day and as the day progressed and the smoke settled rather heavily over this one town my dad took his lunch break and was helping a man on traffic control while they halted traffic for a minute for the pace car to come back when this woman in a SUV stopped and asked if the smoke was from a wildfire.

My Dad: "No Ma'm, We're just out here raking leaves to reduce the risk of a wildfire."
Lady: "But why all the smoke?"
My Dad: "Lady...have you ever tried raking leaves over 50k acres with an actual rake?"
Lady: "Oh...what a good idea!" *contented, rolls window up*
I actually heard an engine responding, reporting to county that he was "EAST BOUND AND DOWN" !!! Bad thing is, he was actually headed NORTH!!! WOW HUH?
now thats funny. lmao
not told at a fire but one night someone in our county decided to break in one of the trucks and well keyed the mic needless to say odvious who it was and dispatch paged out dept to shut them up page came out as ________ fire dept will you please hang up the mic and cheif could you please call dispatch
At a fire one of the crew was sent with a radio to get a good viewpoint.
When he got there he uttered the immortal line "I`ve got a good viewpoint........ Can`t see f*** all !"

Sometimes you couldn`t make this stuff up eh !!
A fewyears ago we catch a structure at 2 in the morning. I was in the officers seat on the engine so I had to grab the portable for the engine. We were inside fighting the fire when my low pressure bell went off, told you it was a few ;18 or 19 years ago. I hand the portable to my relief and tell him to hang onto it and that I would be back to get it when I changed cylinders. Ok he says I got it , I got it. When I get back insde I ask him where the radio is and he asks me " what radio "? We found it later during overhaul, When we sent it to Motorola for repair it was returned with a note saying beyond economical repair.
I've heard some dumb things at fires down here. The dumbest one I can think of, was in 2005 when we ran a residential structure fire, not to long after hurricane Ivan hit the coast. There was a new Fire investigator on scene shortley after. He said a "M.R.E" started the fire. That means"Meal Ready to Eat" for those who don't know. Now, I know those things get Hot, but come on now. Everytime we run one now, we say "do you think it was a MRE." HA HA

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