So my paycheck came back to me marked non-sufficient funds. I went to my employer which is a private ambulance company. I was told that my employers bank system had gone down and that to get my money I would have to take the returned check to their bank and get it cashed. So today I drove to their bank and the bank manger tells me that he can't cash my check because there isn't enough money in my employers account. So I talk to my boss who is the owner of the company. He tells me that he has to get a hold of his brother who is also an owner and then I don't hear from them the rest of the night. I'm stuck on what to do. I am supposed to work tomorrow but I have been told that I shouldn't work until I get my money. I need the money so I don't want to miss any work but then again I don't want to work if there is a chance that my employer isn't going to have the money to pay me. I'm not sure what to do. I feel think I am just getting the run around and don't know what to do pleae help

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I would continue to work for the time being and check your state laws concerning bad checks. In NC you are allowed up to 3 times the face value of the check if you take out charges (its a criminal charge here). It just depends on the state you live in and the laws... I would go to work for the moment though it could just be a big misunderstanding and think of life that could be lost if you aren't there tomorrow.
Has there been any "writing on the wall"?
Any rumors of the company being in financial trouble?
How long have they been in operation?
How long have you been with them?

It does sound like you are getting the run around. However, I don't know from the legal standpoint, but maybe play it day-by-day for now. Show up to work. Don't give them a reason to get rid of you. Hopefully it is only a glitch. Meantime, don't hesitate to start networking for any other agencies. Don't advertise to them the financial troubles, because that may cause problems for your company and ultimately you. JMO.

Good luck,
Go to work and give them the chance. They will have to pay you. Look in the eyes and tell him to be honest with you and in the mean time start looking for a new job or wait to the new owners to come buy up the company.
Anything new?
I was in a similiar situation back in June... The proper step to take is, report it to the employment division of your state. They will then investigate and will represent you. If issues arise, they will be there, free of charge, if you need to go to court...But your first step is to report it...
And on top of representing you to ensure you get the pay that is rightfully yours, they will ensure that your current employer will not fire you for outsourcing for some help because of not being paid. All too often a company that is in financial difficulty will find small things to try to remove some of their overhead, even if that means hacking away some employees. Be careful and make sure you call them right away
federal laws provide severe penalties to companies that write bad payroll checks. A payroll check is not treated the same as a standard check. I would still go to work, but keep my eyes and ears open for my next job. I have worked for several small companies, and they all have problems. Some make it out of them and some just close out of nowhere. I hope things get better. Keep us updated.
Update on things... I found out that there are 3 other people that had this happen to their paychecks too. All of us called the labor broad and reported the company. I keep getting told by my company that I need to speak to this one person even though that person doesn't have his name on the check. I found out that all of the owners are trying to "teach this person a lesson" by not dealing with the bad checks so this one would have too. It's really weird it's a family owned company and we have about 5 "owners" They are upset at the one owner because he isn't doing anything to help the company right now because of other things in his life, so they want to "teach him a lesson" The labor broad is going to be coming to teach them all a lesson. I have found out that it is a criminal charge in my state and the labor broad is most likely going to shut the company down.
It's been a few weeks.
Has the Labor Board come by yet?
Ask your business owner if you can move in with him until he pays you.
Ask him going forward if you can put your utilities and loans in his name so that they can hound HIM for their money.
Ask him if HE got paid.
Then ask him for a letter of recommendation.
You are in a bad spot. Did the labor board come by? Did you get a new job? Are you still having pay check issuses with this company? I hope things are going better for you.
Update... I finally got a letter back from the labor broad saying that they are going to investigate this company. I took all my check to the company's bank and got them cashed but the bank won't pay me the fees that I was charged so I'm still waiting on the labor broad to get those. The labor broad said that it could take up to 6 months for them to get someone out to look into things. I was told thatonce they look into to the company they will look to see if the companyt has bounced any checks in the past 2 years and if they have they will shut the company down. I have only worked for this company since may of 07 and my first paycheck there bounced and I have had 2 now will everything going on right now. I'm have been one of the lucky ones; there are 4 people that I know of in the company that have had checks bounced the one person has had 6 bounce. So you know that the company will be shut down it just depends on when the woman gets here to look into it. I have been looking for a new job but I am on medical leave right now because of a knee problem that I have had for about 10 years.

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