Well for me I have loved this "business" since i was a youngster. I live a block away from the station so I can rember when the siren went off i'd rush over to the window and watch all the men rush over to the station jump on the trucks and head out!

I was always captivated how when the siren goes off people come from where ever and drop everything to help in most cases people we dont even know!

I have always had this saying "that the you don't pick the job the job picks you!" We are a different breed of people we care when others could careless! It's not always easy but that's why I love it.

Well im done now lets hear why you love the job!

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I've alway's liked doing it.For me it's a family thing being around firefighters and sitting around the station and looking at the trucks.I've been in the business for 18yrs.and still going strong.It's a good feeling to help other's and the community.
I think it's time to give this thread a great big bump.

I love this job for the simple reason of just because! I've been at it for just about 11 years now, and I love it more now than ever before. Even during the hard times, the sorrow, in time you will look back, and appreciate and take a lives lesson from it.
Well I have a couple of things. One is it in my blood. Dad wad a fireifghter and I grew up around it. Second, I love helping people. Third............... Its the rush when you here your tones, the instint shot of adernalin (sp) coming out of your station, winding up the Q, laying on the air horn, gives me cold chills just thinking about it. And as someone else said its a calling, you have to be just alittle crazy to do it. We see thing people should have to see but we deal with it and get ready for the next one. Its the brotherhood. Yeah we fight fires toghter but we are a big family away from the station too. BBQ's, party's and so on.
Plus I like kicking in doors and ripping up cars! LOL
My cousins and uncle were always volunteers when I was growing up. I used to tag along with them and I guess it just got into my blood. I really enjoy helping others as well. Might as well make a living doing something you like to do. So many out there are not as fortunate as us and get to work in a field they love.
When I am driving the truck and stop at a light and look down into a car and a little kid is looking up at me and smiling a hundred tooth smile, I know I am the luckiest man in the world. Walking into a school and seeing the kids stare at you in awe makes you feel like a giant.
How many people get the opprotunity to go where we go, do what we do , see what we see, and help those that need help.
I have always said we meet our customers on the worst day of their lives. If I can in some way make a difference and ease their suffering, then I can sleep well knowing I have done my best.
I just like the feeling of knowing when someone needs assistance, I am the one they call.
When I have an emergency, I want to know that someone is coming to help me! If we don't do it, Who Will?
The adrenalin...?? Maybe its the rush....But maybe it is doing what you know not everyone can do......For me it is the challenge and the "Brotherhood"...I know it sounds crazy but I find that you develop great relationships with your fellow firefighters/EMS prople....You have to....your ass may depend on them and they depend on you...sure we fight among ourselves (a lot) but let an outsider step into it and see what happens....or let the siren go off....then we are as one......thats what I call "Keeping the faith".......I will always be there for my Brother/Sister.....Stay safe and always keep the faith...........Paul
Its the family you get when you join.
The rest of it is that each one of us is an adrenaline junkie.

Plain and simple.
Which brings up a question I've always had. Why do so many of us love a job that is so horrid?
I have heard several reasons why people like us love the job so much. Some say its a the adrenaline rush, the sirens, helping people, feeling like you actually did something today. Me personally i love top help people. Granted the rush alone is another, the sirens going and that truck taring ut of the station heading to an incident. Those bright lights luminating the street is acceleratingly.
I was the same way i live across the street from the firehall growing up when the siren went off i was usually at the window watching them leave then they had a fire right next door ive wanted to do this since i was a kid myself
Personally I think that it is somthing in our blood...Atleast thats what Mom always says. My dad is a wildland firefighter & I can remember being little & goin to the small wildfires in the middle of the night (before the state put an end to that.) When I got older I was chasin a girl that got involved in one of the volunteer stations in the county & I went & got my Redcard certs. Shortly after that I joined my station. I did all that so we would have somethin else in common (blew up in my face.) Now I love the rush I get when the tone goes off. I could be layin in bed after a long day at work, where I dont feel like doing anything & find the energy to go save the day. I also love the arroma of smoke in the air, my hair, skin, truck, there's not another smell like it in the world. Its also a good conversation starter or icebreaker when around people that I dont really know. There is not another profession or calling that has this kind of devotion to fellow members, just look at all the tragic events in the last several years and how firefighters have backed each other & been there for each other. I also know that yall will have my back if we work a call together. Thats a feeling in its self like no other.

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