hiya, my name is Dale, im 16 and blah blah blah

im a jr/exp for Bainbridge Twp.

and as i seen, this is the forum for "meet and greet"

well im here to meet, anyone wana greet?

ive been a exp for not even a year, but from what i noticed i know a bit more then most explrs do, but i can always learn more, so if u wana make a new friend, or just give me a tip or two, id aprecaite it

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Thanks for making me feel old, Dale! I have a 16 year old son. He wants to be a carpenter though. Anyway, you've got the right attitude. No matter how much you know, we can always learn more. The Fire Service is all about learning and then improving what you know. How old do you have to be there in Ohio before you're no longer a Junior? Stay safe!
well dale I'm not as old as Brian, but I've got toddlers and I remember when I was your age and watching my dad do the fire thing, seems like yesterday I was counting the ding's on the home alarm as dad got ready and I'd tell him where he had to go, I'm sure you dont have a clue what I mean by ding alarm but Brian probably does, anyways welcome aboard:)
We didn't have those anymore when I got on the F.D., but I know what you mean T.J....LOL
after 17 years of my son waking up every time i went out in the middle of the night. when he turned 18 he joined the dept . a yr later went to the accademy , 6 mo later got his emt. 4 months after that he turned 21. he was 1st on the list to hire at 2 depts. now hes been at one of them 1.5 years loves every minite of it guess it was in the blood huh .
the only family memeber i have thats in the FD is my cousin, sorry for the late responce, forgot i had this going
Welcome aboard Dale, like me, you'll find plenty of helpful and nice people here.
Hello and welcome to the family....and no I would prefer not to discuss the age thing....LOL Keep learning...you will never know it all....I still learn something at every call after all these years....someday I will "learn" that I am too damn old for this anymore...but no-time soon I can assure you...Stay safe and remember to keep the faith......Paul
yeah, i have found no mean people on this site, its nice
Hello Dale I have been on my dept. for twelve yrs. and enjoy every minute of we are vol. department. My son joined as a cadet a year ago and got voted on the dept. when he turn eighteen back in june. We have a cadet program for high school jr. and sr. So welcome to F.F.N
If you are from the Bainbridge Twp in Geauga county, I assume so, then sit back and absorb. There is a wealth of knowledge on your department and those guys will be more than willing to pass it on. I personally know a lot of, if not most of that department. I also work with them in mutual aid on our full time departments. Good guys, lots of knowledge. That being said, you don't know as much as you think. You are there to learn. Learn as much as you can.
what station do u work at
Welcome Brother
John here enjoy the site

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