I was wondering who all has policies on the use of reflective vests while operating on open roads. I was also wondering what brand and style of vest you use?
Thanks for all your replies!!!

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Not sure what brand we have but in my dept. it is required that if you do not have turnout gear on while on the scene of an MVA you are supposed to have a reflective vest on. It has our district name on the back, they are very light weight and they zip in the front, they also fit everyone on the dept. I hope I have been at least some help.
on our dept. if you are directing trafic you are to be waring a vest. I'm not sure what kind they are.
We dont wear vest on mva's we wear our bunkers. But at my day job as a utility worker we wear green vest from AO safety there lightweight and extremely visible they also have 3m reflective trim all over them.
Hi Jim.
Here in Norfolk,England we use hi-viz vests on ALL roadway jobs other than fire related (car fire for example) but the guys/gals not involved in firefighting would still have to wear them. Do not know the brand,but it would be different in the states anyway. Hope it is of some help,take it easy.
Any state rd we have to wear them. All my firepolice need to wear them all the time.
Not sure what brand, but on all accident scenes we wear the reflective vest. One size fits all.
It's company policy and requirement for all paid and volunteer crew. I'm not sure but it's either EMS or
the fire company name on it, and it's velcro.
Well during accidents we are required to wear pants and either our bunker jacket or a reflective vest. We dont have a specific brand of vest, but I believe it has to be Lime green in color.
Here in Chicagoland, my F.D. uses lime green vests marked "FIRE" on all roadway incidents except vehicle fires, (along with our turnout gear). Many of the surrounding towns are doing the same. I'm not sure of the brand, but I believe they are ANSI class II. They are also designed to break away if snagged on something, so you're not dragged down the road by the ignorant motorist driving through your scene! Stay safe!
In the sate of Arkansas its a new law you have to have a high visble vest or wear turn outs with reflecters
The county has mandated that we wear vest on all highway accident calls. I'm not sure what the exact brand is but it would be nice to make sure every riding position has one since there have been several occasions where there was no vest available. It turned out that the career side sent in the vest to be cleaned and several vest have yet to come back.
In the state of Tennessee it is now law that anyone working any kind of incident on any roadway MUST have reflective on their clothing, it must be a vest, a coat w/ reflective strips, turnout gear, or some form of uniform w/ relective(ie. flight suit, ems pants, t-shirts). Vests and turnout are preferred.

Daughter involved in TC this afternoon. She's fine. Car on the other hand, well the picture speaks for itself.
Talking to the FF/PM at scene who was wearing his vests. Very sarcastic, he feels so much safer wearing his vest.

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