All FireFighters Support this great idea to make a National Firefighter Day on 9/11.

All Firefighters please support Jon Leahys idea of making 9/11 a National Firefighter Day out of respect to all Firefighters in this great country of ours I would think all the Brothers&Sisters that gave their lives For the Supreme Sacrifise on 9/11 would be smiling down from Heaven knowing that all Firefighters are being recognized on 9/11 as the National Firefighter Day in The United States. I hope all politicians see this and all the firefighters support this for Jon Leahy who lost his father in NY on 9/11 what a wonderfull idea.Firefighter Hugh Fawcett-Station57 -Irwin PA-Westmoreland County

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I love the concept, however I agree with Hensley108's comment, all were hero's that day. It should be more of an "American Hero's day". I would like us to stay away from dividing all of us..we have way to much of that on a daily basis. That day conist of hero's from all walks of life, lets not forget all of them, Thanks, Cathy Shipley, EMS and firefighter
Okay we could make the 343rd day of the year first reponders day or "emergency" responders day.
I have never asked for a pat on the back for what we do, they were asking for opinions and we gave them. Yes we honor the fallen which we should they have earned it for the giving the greatest sacrafice and will always have my respect and graditude.

But they were asking our opinion for one on all responders.

So if they can have days for other occupations then why not emergency service.
I'm not Catholic, and I still think it's a good idea.
Please Become a Fan of "Never Forget 9/11":
As I read through these posts, my first thought about only recognizing firefighters and not including others that you mentioned would be wrong. We dealt with this as a team. This should include how we remember our fallen brothers and sisters affected by this tragedy.

Never Forget 9/11

good try... of course you could use July 10th... that's the day I was hired.
what an original concept, now reading it four years later for the first time.

365 - 343 = 22 days counting backwards from the end of the year.

This would make it December 10th? did I do this right?

Is the 10th of December clear to use as the 343rd day of the year to honor firefighters?

- On December 10, 1948 the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights...

- Mississippi becomes the 20th US State, 1817

- The Nobel Prize is awarded on December 10th, the anniversary of Nobel's death in 1896.
Looks to me like the day is clear for a National Fallen Fire Fighters Day...

In fairness to law enforcement, and the 60 officers who were killed, you could use the same logic. Only one thing remains a constant here, never forget.

Somehow, everyone who was murdered on 9/11 needs to be included.
Patriot's Day seems to cover it, despite some of the things that have been done to water it down.

How we remember, not what we call it, is what makes it meaningful.
It is already important.

Yes CBz, team work. 9/11 was tragic and started sacrifices we all are still dealing with today.
Since I feel strongly that there are no borders in the emergency services , proven by the fact that we cross them to aid the needy all the time. Thus as a brotherhood we should stand together to remember all our fallen and I would wholeheartedly support the idea of an international emergency services day. AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I support you 100% Great Idea!

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