All FireFighters Support this great idea to make a National Firefighter Day on 9/11.

All Firefighters please support Jon Leahys idea of making 9/11 a National Firefighter Day out of respect to all Firefighters in this great country of ours I would think all the Brothers&Sisters that gave their lives For the Supreme Sacrifise on 9/11 would be smiling down from Heaven knowing that all Firefighters are being recognized on 9/11 as the National Firefighter Day in The United States. I hope all politicians see this and all the firefighters support this for Jon Leahy who lost his father in NY on 9/11 what a wonderfull idea.Firefighter Hugh Fawcett-Station57 -Irwin PA-Westmoreland County

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Amen to that brother! Ultimately public safety is what's counted on most, and I think people who dedicate their lives in that service should be recognized.
I would NEVER want to see it as a federal holiday because once you give people a day off, it will lose it's meaning (ie Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, etc) and just become another excuse for malls to have sales and people to extend their summer by one more three day weekend. I love that people go to work on 9/11 and hope that where we are in NY that they think about those who were lost as they are sitting in their skyscraper office or riding the train or driving over a bridge or through a tunnel.

I also personally think that making it a firefighter day is a huge disrespect to all of the other service workers who lost their lives on that day (pd, pa, etc) as well as to the people who died on the planes and in the buildings. While I have more respect for the FDNY than I could ever relay, I must say that this is not the day for this and hope that others understand where I am coming from.
I think that's actually a cool idea....
Tony that would be a good month and St Florian I always wondered why the politicians never made this a National Holiday but leave it up to Politicians that would forget us. Nice job Tony and Mark.Hughie 57 House
got my vote should have already been done in my opinion
Brother, I think thats why all of us as a Brotherhood ask for ideas because we certainly deserve A National Holiday because we never know if we are coming back from the next alarm and all of us always support one another especially when you hear of a brother or sister getting hurt or making the Supreme Sacrifise in life or hearing of a Veteran passing away.Please keep up the great job with all the ideas and hopefully a National Holiday can be created. Hughie 57 House
With no disrespect I whole heartedly want this to be (9-11-01) to be a national and international holiday for all who have suffered this tragedy.But most important is that this day should alway be remembered for ALL FIREFIGHTERS WHO DIED THAT DAY TRYING TO SAVE LIVE'S.
I like this idea. Your have my vote Bro.
I do think that 'Patriots Day' minimizes the sacrifices made that day. But somehow the 60 PD officers who lost their lives that day need to be included. That's why I would not be in favor of a National FF Day but would whole-heartily support a 'Public Safety Worker' day. Although I would hope that someone could come up with a better name.
Don't get me wrong here these are my thoughts . I support a national firefighter day but not on that day . 1st it is already patriot day . 2nd a day like that would honor all firefighters who have passed and could be on any other day . 3rd there were a lot of other people lost on that day and patriot day is a good name for it . One of my friends uncles lost his life after making three trips inside he was a civilian . Maybe look for another day in August or October.
I agree, Damon. September 11th is a day to remember not only the 343 Firefighters, but the 60 or so NYPD/Port Authority Officers as well as the thousands of civilians that lost their lives that day, not only at the WTC, but the Pentagon and those aboard Flight 93. To devote that day to just Firefighters would be a slap in the face to all the others! Not to mention that it's already designated as "Patriot Day". I believe we should look at a different day. May 4th is "St. Florian Day" and as we all know, St. Florian is the Patron Saint of Firefighters. What better day to devote to the honoring of Firefighters, past and present, than this?
I agree with the St. Florian day as a day to honor fire fighters.

But if that day is not good enough, why not pick the 343 day of the year and make that the national fire fighters day. I do not know what day it actually falls on but it's and idea.

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