Introducing FFN Points

Just as we approach 25,000 members, Firefighter Nation ( is proud to announce we're formally launching a new feature called FFN Points, which allows you to earn points for participating on FFN. What do the points get ya? For right now, just our love and respect :) But stay tuned for some exciting stuff around points.

Your points will ONLY update when you view your profile page. You can earn the most points by posting and inviting -- real content earns more points! For instance, blogs, forums and group participation are worth the most, along with invites. So start using the INVITE tab today to get more fire, rescue & EMS industry professionals to join Firefighter Nation.

Having the most friends and comments will NOT get you to the top of the Leaderboard. We will be monitoring point levels over the coming weeks, and adjusting your totals while we beta test to ensure all is fair.

You can check out your current point totals by visiting your profile, it is right below your profile photo. Mouseover the cup icon for the basics of the system and click your point total to see where your points are coming from.

and . Please note that all stats are retroactive except Invites (unfortunately), so those start from now and may be adjusted as we go.

Keep participating! We'll be rolling out even MORE great new features in the coming weeks.

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Sean Crotty - Just for you honey!

Kiss Comments
TCSS - Take Care Stay Safe - Let's all say it together!

Come on Sean Crotty join in!

One, Two, Three...

oh... I get it now, even my tortoise wanted to chime in her two sense. Can you believe that I actually caught her saying, "Take Care! Stay Safe!"? All I had to do was listen to the tortoise, but noooooo, guess I might be a little hard of hearing, but then again, tortoises aren't very loud, even though they try to be...

You need to pay attention more often your tortoise!

The Top 10 things that FFN points will NOT do for you...

10. Bill Gates will not give you a million dollars if you get to #1 in FFN points.

9. You will not immediately become more intelligent, sexy, or creative if you get to a given level of FFN points.

8. Your kid will not get into Harvard if you exceed the FFN Pro level.

7. The world will not end if you never acquire a single additional FFN point.

6. Your favorite Presidential candidate will not offer you the U.S. Fire Administrator's job if you achieve #1 in FFN points.

5. You will not be asked to star in the next Star Wars movie if you move up more than 10 places from your current FFN ranking.

4. You will not be awarded a "Get out of jail free" card for your next 1,000 FFN points.

3. You will not recieve bonus points at your next Firefighter Combat Challenge, regional muster, state paramedic competition, or promotional exam if you improve two levels above your current FFN point ranking.

2. Carl Castle will not record your home phone voice mail message for any number of FFN points. (obscure NPR reference for those of you who don't know who Carl Castle is.)

1. David Letterman will not use my Top 10 list on any Late Night Top 10 list recital just because I'm currently #38 of 24,000 and change on the FFN membership points list.
Who cares about the points! I'm just having lots of fun!!! :o)
It will be OK Fireman Ed, don't cry!!
Sounds great.Lets get over 50,000 members by end of year.Everyone needs to get one more going.
wouldn't that fluff up the point system...
What happened to being able to check out who was visiting our home page?


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