Portable Radios- One For Each Crew Member or Do You Have to Share Them?

Several months ago, my F.D. updated our portable radios so that each seating position had it's own portable radio. We were able to do this due to a grant. This ensures that each crew member on that rig has his/her own radio. This has greatly improved safety and communication. I was just wondering what other F.D's, (from big city to small town) are doing.

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in my smalltown, my company has some most of the us goes out and buys one
Our agency provides a portable to each Officer on the Department. We do not provide them to the firefighters.
We used to just have them for the drivers, and officers on the engines. We upgraded a couple years ago, and man it made a difference. No more sending teams in and screaming over the radio at them, only to find out they don't have one. Or trying to communicate across a wildland fire by yelling. Its soooooo much nicer.
No dough-re-mi for radios for everyone...so when we respond, it's in teams. No one is in a scenario without a manned radio. Perfect scenario? Hardly....but it's better than responding with no radio at all. And we DO all train on the radios in terms of "finding it blind" and radio protocols so that should the unthinkable happen, there isn't a member on the department who can't take over radio duty if needed.

We do what we can with what we have.
each member has a portable and pager or try to
Our department has two radios for each truck and also every member of out command staff has a radio as well.
I come from a very small vol. dept. 16 members on, everyone has their own radio, and pager, and we have extras also. just recently got all new of everything thanks to a grant.
Our paramedic units were awarded a 2nd portable radio (1 for the driver, 1 for the "Doctor" [Attendent] ) in the prior arbitration approximately 2-3 years ago. While this SHOULD NOT have been a contract issue, it was the one arbitration award actually delivered upon to paramedics in Philadelphia.

The safety of members is allows paramount, and the portable radio is a primary component of our PPE. NO ONE should ever be without a portable radio to communicate that hopefully never needed distress call.
I'll be happy to relieve you of some of those radios if you get bored with them.

Because I'm a giver that way.
haha i bet you would! i dont think chief would appreciate that, and being asst. chief, i dont think i wanna try to explain giving them away lol
We are a very small department and are trying to find funding to install a repaeter and buy portable radios and mobile radios. but have not found where we could get the Funding. Does anyone have any Ideas they couold Offer. Hope everyone has a Good Weekend. bgbdbld@yahoo.com Subject: Radios
North East Fire Department of Cecil County, MD has a portable radio for every seat, jump seats and bottle seats. In fact, our officers and supposed to make sure everyone has one before they exit the engine. We come from a pretty rural area, but its getting bigger.

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