Updating... While I made a valiant effort, I must admit that I have managed to fall off the wagon after a short 3 months. I was doing good so I thought to myself,  but a weak moment caught me off guard and I haven't stopped since. I must say though, that it wasn't as rough as I had thought it would be. I hope to get it all back together here soon and give it another go. (Hope you guys/gals had better luck than me!)


First and foremost Happy New Year to all on FFN! I hope your year is everything you make it to be!


That being said what are some of goals for this year? Are you going to drop those pounds you keep saying every year? How about quit smoking/chewing? More family time? Vacation? Etc...


I personally would like to put the smokes down. I've never really made an attempt at quitting but I'd like to start now. There's a couple others but this is the main one. Let's hear what you guys got planned.

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I plan to be a better Father, volunteer, and friend. I would like to say to quit smoking, but I like it too much, damn you cigars. I plan to get into better shape, besides round, and further my skills.
Thanks Chief !!!

I will prevail...

Dust can not resist my charms for long...

hee hee - I will make friends with his wife - and she will make him love me again... hee hee
No one can resist Heather...
Goals for 2011; well to be better. A better person, a better Father, a better Husband, a better friend, a better Firefighter. And, at the end of the day to make sure that everyone on my crew goes home.
Thanks Dust. Appreciate that! Just reading your other posts, about not hanging around women.. It must really suck having that kind of problem! lol Tell ya what.. just for you man, I will sacrifice and hang around all the women for you.(especially Heather, but something tells me she has got it baddddd for ya! lol)
Not to be so wordy...
LoL! I was actually going to read your reply Mike when I got to a computer (probably would have short circuited my BlackBerry), but now I'm here and don't see it :(

Inbox it to me if you still have it laying around. If not, that's ok too.
1st and foremost stop smoking. 2nd find a new job in the fire service. 3rd pay off some of my debt. and finally find a women now that I don't smoke, have a new well paying job and am out of debt.
To establish an effective health and fitness program for my dept as well as update EAP's on railway emergencies
Me, too. Hope that goes well for you and hope you can get back to 100 percent.
My goal is to completely recover from a total knee replacement back on Dec 1st. Then after 37 years in the fire service decide whether its time to let the kids take over or try and go back to the truck. Course going back is more up to my doctor than me. Its up to me to get back up to fighting speed. Either way Happy new Year to everyone and stay safe.

Are you suggesting an uh, fire triangle so to speak?

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