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Meet some of the people featured in Volunteers The Series (currently in pre-production). Features brief introductions to Dustin, Phil and Billy. 3 people from different walks of life: a lineman for a power company, an ex-Navy construction worker and a career firefighter, all willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to save someone they have never met, for no pay and sometimes not even a thank you.

When I first met the volunteers, the fact that I had no idea they sacrificed so much of there time to save lives, for no pay,and not even a thank you, was shocking. My ignorance about the volunteer fire and rescue station, just down the street from my house, made me wonder how many others in my community, and around the world, do not know about the amazing people.

It was not until I began to document them, and interact with them, did I come to understand one of Americas richest and most dangerous traditions.

I was filming an auto accident one day and saw something that changed my life. I saw a group of volunteers remove a woman who was bleeding to death from a car she was trapped in, and saved her life. That was the moment I wanted to put the camera down and do something to help. That was the moment I knew I was ready to make the same sacrifices, to commit hundreds of hours to training, and to stand ready when my community needs me. I was ready to leave my wife and kids at the dinner table, or in the dead of night, or during birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas to go save someone I have never met.

That moment changed my life forever. That was the moment I became a volunteer.

I believe in these people so much, I made it my personal goal to make sure the world hears our story. To educate the public so that people who were like me will have a better understanding of what these amazing people from all walks of life are willing to do for them.

The volunteers need your support. Yes, they need donations, and yes they need more members to survive. More importantly, they need to be
recognized for there courage, bravery and sacrifice.

Please remember, when your local volunteer fire or rescue department knocks on your door and asks for your support, you might not need them at that moment, but god forbid, there may come a day when you or your family and friends will. Make sure your local volunteers are equipped and have what they need to pay the rent, buy protective gear and keep the tires turning on the vehicles. Whether they have what they need or not, they will come help you when you call, and they are ready to make the ultimate sacrifice if necessary. Now, its time to return the favor.

God bless the Volunteers.

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Comment by FETC on October 27, 2010 at 2:53pm
Hey pretty cool video and footage. I have a question though, does the organizations for which you are riding or are a member of, authorize the use of the department, the logo, the manpower and footage while in the function of live department operations?

I know in "my department", some of the things I saw in this pilot video would get people in trouble, potentially terminated to include lack of seat belts, footage of patients or victims, members not working and giving live up-to-date press releases etc.

Just curious if this was negotiated with administration?

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