This medium size Australian Lace Monitor got into a chicken pen ate 24, 1 week old chicks and couldnt get out of the pen. Because Australia has the world most deadly snakes the NSWFB have trained Reptile Handlers to capture removed & relocate reptiles out of the Urban / Rural interface to the Wildlands.

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Comment by Robert William Gleeson on May 28, 2010 at 11:00pm
Gday Kathy, mate never any need to say sorry, we are a pretty thick skin lot over here, I didnt give it a second thought, except, thinking of something witty to say in return hehehe, but 3am never been a good time for me to tobe witty, what you asked is correct and normally we operate as a team. Although before reptile handling was introduce in to the NSWFB, I was catching them on my own, as did handlers in wildlife groups until a few started getting tagged by the Eastern Brown Snake, now they are passing all calls onto NSWFB. Steve was a shock, a good showman, he gave the people what they want to see and then some, cause thats what people wanted to see, he knew the reptiles he would allowed to bite him and the world love it, he had that loveable personality, but as with any sort of fame comes what we call "tall poppy sindrome" where people try to chop you down.
That was his thing, sometimes a bit over the top but that was his trade mark.
Comment by Kathy Williams on May 28, 2010 at 12:43pm
Hi Robert, I'm sorry - I didn't click on the avatar to get a better photo of you, so I didn't realize it is you in the goanna clip. My congratulations. As you say, Australia has some of the most deadly snakes, spiders, sharks and jelly fish. The tiger snakes, black snakes, brown snakes etc. Apparently they often come into garages and houses. You have a lot of courage to deal with them. I'm glad also that you are relocating them, and not killing them. No living thing deserves to be killed, whether it is cute and cuddly or ugly and venomous. It's too bad what happened to Steve Irwin by the way.
Comment by Robert William Gleeson on May 28, 2010 at 10:16am
Hehehe it takes a woman to ask the obvious, this is a very old clip, at the time when this was taken the NSWFB had no real handlers. There are afew volunteer wildlife groups operating in the State of New South Wales but only about 10 people have the knowledge & experience with handling deadly or dangerous reptiles. At that time one of the year we were pretty busy with wildfires around Sydney during the summer months. A decision was made due to my experience with deadly and dangerous creatures. I was to go to the location of the call, asses whether I needed asistance or not, capture and suitablely relocate to an area where he/she wouldnt be a problem.
Comment by Kathy Williams on May 27, 2010 at 2:58pm
I think the dog is thinking "Let me at it, I'll eat him", and the goanna is thinking "Look how I smile for the camera". Why does the NSWFB fireman have to do this all alone?

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