This is common, the snake detects high concentractions of C02 within the can thinking that a prey item is inside the can he enters and before he knows it he is trapped and suffers a painful slow death.

All Australian Native Fauna & Flora is protected by Law with heavy fines & gaol / jail terms.

NSWFB is often called free trapped animals of all types, this type of rescue is hazardous, more often the Vet will euthanised highly venomous snakes

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Comment by Robert William Gleeson on May 30, 2010 at 11:45pm
Gday Kathy, I made trap for a friend in the army medical section once investigating mosquitos up in the Nothern Tropics of Australia, looking for mosquitoes that Malaria, Dengue Fever & Ross River Fever. Its worked so well he got a commission out of it. The trap was simple it involved dry ice in a cup over a battery operated fan from a kids hat, over a funnel into a soft mesh bag, he said that it caught mossies they didnt know were even in the country.
The trouble with to long a tube is, you can get Co2 buildup these massive headaches because you starving your brain of oxygen, I use to test oxygen rebreathers being look at by the govt. there were 2 types pendulum type & circuit type like the old twin hose scuba yoo inhaled and exhaled in a circuit from right to left controlled by reflux vales, the pendulum type used a single hose in a back and forth motion like a clock this produce a pocket in the hose so you in effect were breathing stale part filtered air, It would work but be aware. Bloody Funnel Webs i think they have found about 60 types, the male is the most deadly, they only develope a surium for it just lately, well 1980. I had one bite thrugh my shoe once, i thought i was going to die, I was lucky it was either a female funnel web or a female mouse spider which isnt as deadly, when it bit me i automatically crush it so you could tell what it was, I dont mind saying i was sh#ting bricks I even bought a last will and testment at the hospital i kid you not, i can laugh now, I hate spiders Ive had them here at times doing some study but as soon as i finish i kill the bastards, we have the red back here same as your widow been biten by those buggers to made me crook sorry oz slang bloody sick. we also have a whitetail same as your recluse eats your skin away. HATE SPIDERS!!!!. Arrh Yes the bloody Cane Toad!!! I was in Hawaii a few weeks ago, love the place and the people, i dont think you Americans QUITE KNOW HOW TO TAKE US hehehehe, our sense of humour is a little different, you take everything so serious and our slang, well lets say your armed forces staying at the outrigger reef hotel over there learnt some new sayings etc we had a great time after a few drinks they were all talking like heheheh .... fuuny the caned toad came up in conversation with a tour guide when he pointed out this tiny little frog and said this is our export to australia look nothing like the big buggers we have here, they brought in 104 in 1934 i think, now they a ravage the country, the largest found was the other week around 20inches it common around 15inches from nose to bum, they stuff the smaller 6in toads or make them into purses, up in Nth Qld bored drivers often get into accidents playing pop the toad untill they hit one of the big buggers which can make slide off the road at night. Its daunting at night to have all these eyes looking back at you, they are deadly nothing can eating except a fresh water snake but he can only eat tadpoles and toad up to the size of you dollar coin, well if and when you come over look me up Ill show you round , away from the tourist trap Rob
Comment by Kathy Williams on May 30, 2010 at 11:35am
Hi Rob, one thing I read one time was if a person wanted to spend some time outdoors around evening when the bugs were really biting, the person should carry a short length of hose and exhale into it so that the person's exhalations would always come out at foot level, that way there would be no tell-tale CO2 around the person's head to attract the bugs. I haven't tried this, but may do so because I'd really like to see if it works. The funnel web spiders are also very venomous. I've also read that Australia has a plague of huge toads with no predators to eat them. Beautiful countries New South Wales and Australia.
Comment by Robert William Gleeson on May 30, 2010 at 12:21am
Gday Kathy, yes mate he was ok only a few minor scrapes, are yes, he is, at 20 in the world most toxic equal to the Mojave Rattlesnake, high traces of Co2 in the can was only a theory of mind that rescreachers in Australia have now agreed with, normal atmosphere of Co2 is at 0.03%, blood sucking insects also zero in on Co2 we exhale that why in some confined areas like a wells etc have alot insects sitting all at the same level, Co2 hugs the ground the confusesd insects will sit just above the Co2. In the late 60 early 90s I work as a govt. commercial diver inspecting ships tanks flooded mines dams etc. one trick used was to pipe Co2 into lower parts of a ship they didnt want inspected then flush clean air down after the inspection was over. That was long before I was a fireman and long before confined space training was ever thought your other question about the can think of it as a well or confind space unless there is a hole both ends air wont flow though its like a dead end and Co2 will be still alittle higher than outside atmosphere. Mate most of our politicians are lawyers they are as useless as t#ts on snake, you would nt feed them funnel webs. Old australian saying, "meaning they dont live in the real world, they have no life skills and cant live on the fortune they pay themselves, they arent even worth feeding spiders. now that low. Rob
Comment by Kathy Williams on May 29, 2010 at 10:18am
Hi Robert, Poor little thing, was he OK? I hope he didn't get cut too much but the can edge. Is he poisonous? I presume that the CO2 would only be in there for a short while after the can was emptied, and would gradually be replaced by air as it flowed into the empty can. But, yes, if the snake puts his head in first, and gets stuck, what a tragedy. Another good reason why people should not litter. Cans and plastic bags and those rings on six-packs and lots of other things littered by humans kill land and sea animals every day.

And John and Robert, if rats are politicians, lawyers are snakes. The worst of the worst.
Comment by Robert William Gleeson on May 29, 2010 at 5:59am
Gday John, yeah mate my shrink tells me that every time I visit, you might have something there, He had a little burp and a fart before before I bagged him, cheap boozes will do that to you all the time hehehe, WHAT !!! only "SOME", Mate we have a much stronger word than rats, hehehe and they are all crooks, you take care mate dont let em get to ya.
Comment by John Thomas on May 29, 2010 at 3:26am
Aussies are nuts. I think the snake was going for the whiskey in the can, not the CO2. The most hazardous animals we have in Chicago are pit bulls, squirrels and rats, some of the rats are politicians. Nice video. Thanks!

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