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At 11:44am on December 17, 2010, mikhail eldridge said…
well i waqs born in moscow russia my family is full blooded russians so thts where the name comes from in english its michael i came to the us when i was 3 and was raised in houston tx 17 graduated from high school joined the united states marines severed 8 yrs been a firefighter for 4 anything else u want to know jus ask
At 4:35pm on December 16, 2010, chivaru petru said…
thanks for the comment about my tatoo it means when you get out we get in :)
At 10:05am on December 15, 2010, mikhail eldridge said…
hey lucky thamks for the heads up and yes u are right bout watching eachothers back we need to our lives dependon it if u would like i would send you a t-shirt from my department i have a lot of them lol and as far as the pics go im new on here and still trying to figure out hout to up load them
At 5:37pm on December 14, 2010, Rita Jo Studdard said…
Thank you for the compliment. Yes it is hard being a single mom with 2 teenagers...LOL. I am just a volunteer now maybe one of these days make it as a fulltime career but not yet. Rite now I am finishing up my firefighter I and II classes. I take my state written test on Monday, December 20th. I like to meet new people from different fire departments just to see how their lives are being a firefighter. I started being a volunteer when me and my husband were together but when he left me I stayed and he left the department. Which was fine with me. I am not as mean as I sound then I am easy to get along with. You can do the same anything you need to talk about when you are bored at the station just send and email to me. It is
At 5:31pm on December 14, 2010, Rita Jo Studdard said…
Thank you for the warning about what to watch out for. We have to watch each others back in our line of work. I know you said you don't collect patches. I don't know how to send stuff like that I am pretty much new to this stuff. When I get a chance I will get some pictures of our fire trucks and rescue squad and post them on here.
At 10:45pm on December 12, 2010, Larry Evans said…
Thanks Lucky I take the Info. as a compliment!! Look forward to staying in touch. As you say we have to be there for each other, that is what the brotherhood is all about. Stay in touch and you be safe god bless. Thanks again
At 5:21pm on December 10, 2010, Jim Reynolds said…
Hi, Ron.  Hope you had a good week.  Another good week of training done here.  We have our Christmas parade tomorrow.  Have a good weekend!
At 3:06pm on November 28, 2010, Stefan Hilgers said…
hey ron,
i really like trade a shirt and patch with you ! are you intressted ?

stay save

At 4:24am on November 24, 2010, Alan Archbold said…
Hello Ron
Thank you for your warm welcome to this wonderful group. I have not had much time to get on here as late due to the fact that we (London Firefighters) are in the middle of serious Industrial action against our employers. They have ripped up our Contract and want us to sign a new one or resign. The new contract changes our start and finish times and also has a load of Strings attached which will change our whole family life as we know it now. 5500 firefighters are involved in this and could lose their jobs next month.
We do not mind change but they are bullying all of us with their lies and underhand media tricks. They are suspending some of us for speaking our minds and issuing others with written warnings just for speaking out against these terrible changes to our lives. We have now got one month to agree to sign the contract or they will start procedures to remove us from duty. Sorry to start of our friendship on this sad note but that is all that matters to me at this time. I hope you are having an easier time in your workplace then we are.
What is it like working at your department my friend. Take care and hope to speak soon.
At 7:41pm on November 19, 2010, Henry Cepeda said…
Hi Ron, Thx for the welcome to the site. I retired after 35 yrs in the fire service but continue to be involved as a consultant to engineers and architechs on the Florida building code and NFPA 101, as well as fire alarm & fire sprinkler issues.Wishinh you continued success,
At 3:03pm on November 19, 2010, burgel fabrice said…
hi ron!
i'm a french firefighter in the city of mulhouse!
we are 150 in my station and we do 12000calls/year
can you help me? i would like to trade my french firehelmet with a us one, like the black on your head! Are you interrest, or do you know someone who will do it?
you can see my 2 helmets on my page
take care my friend
At 2:10pm on November 19, 2010, Lewis Orrow said…
P.S. That's me in the white helmet. "You ain't seen me, right?" ;o)
At 2:09pm on November 19, 2010, Lewis Orrow said…
Is someone getting married then? Can't say I'd noticed. lol

This should keep you happy until the next time. Married (2nd time around) 2 daughters from 1st marriage (both grown up, 1 a teacher, the other finishing university this coming Summer). 3 step-kids from 2nd marriage, all grown up plus 1 step-granddaughter who's an absolute sweetie. 27 years in (3 to go) currently working in E. London as a Watch Manager (not sure how that translates with your mob but at station level, I'M IN CHARGE! lol).

I'm not a 'trader' but thanks for the advice. If anyone wants a T shirt or similar, well, they don't cost me anything so it's just postage although having said that, postage to/from the US is ruinous, it's cheaper to send stuff to Australia or NZ!

Anyhow, must sign off as there's Rugby on TV right now. Wales vs Fiji in the Autumn Internationals. Off to Twickenham tomorrow to watch England vs Samoa - if it's anything like last week when we humbled the Aussies, I'm in for a cracking day, topped off with a stay in a lovely hotel near the ground, although we'll have to rush back as my wife is working Sunday (she's a Police Officer in Cambridge - no, not the one in Mass.).

Tara for now.

At 10:17pm on November 17, 2010, Kenneth Douglas said…
howdy thanks i will had more pics when i get a little time from work we have the oldest truck in the county that still works we dont use it unless we after
At 9:39am on November 17, 2010, Shawn M. Morton said…
Ron, Thanks for the info. I will see about adding some more pics. Its great to get such a warm welcom from everyone. I can't wait to get more involved with FFN.
At 12:15am on November 17, 2010, Adam Harpell said…
Well thank you, i am glad to be part of the group. Well i have never traded patches, but i will be carefull if i ever do. Thank you for the heads up.
Well i hope that you play safe and god bless you.
Thanks again
At 8:19pm on November 16, 2010, Patricia Carol Lewis said…

This is one of my mules, TinkerBell, again with the pink
At 8:06pm on November 16, 2010, Patricia Carol Lewis said…
yes, both the truck and bike are mine. I always tell people pink is not a sissy color. I know what you mean about patch swapping. I sent a rare Memphis patch to someone who I met when he was on vacation here and asked me to locate and send one to him. I got nothing back. I do like to trade patches, but will be more careful in the future.
At 3:45pm on November 16, 2010, Jessica J Joiner said…
Oh, by the way...LOVE the houndstooth border on your page...ROLL TIDE! :)
At 3:42pm on November 16, 2010, Jessica J Joiner said…
Hi Lucky! Thanks so much for the heads up! I always appreciate someone looking out for others. :) I'll definitely check out your pictures. We have a ton of other (and better) pics on our website. Feel free to check them out as well: Have you ever been to the CDP? If not, you need to come down and "tackle the COBRA". Now that's a t-shirt I can't give you- you have to EARN that one! I've done it twice and it's an AMAZING experience! What size t-shirt do you need? If I come across any extras I'll see what I can do. :)
Thanks again! Hope to meet you at the CDP one day! God Bless and take care!!

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