What the Hell is the Fire Service Becoming?

Over 2 years ago, I wrote a post discussing what I felt was happening to the Fire Service and the next generation of firefighters and medics. I just wanted to post it again because I feel it is still relevant and it’s a problem that looks to continue and get worse. I am also seeking feedback and solutions.


From 22 July 2015

”What the hell is the fire service coming to? It is supposed to be a brotherhood / sisterhood. Well, thanks to the “new” generations of of wanna be firefighters (FF) trying to join what once was a true, strong brotherhood, the traditions of the fire service are, unfortunately, coming to a quick end. The “new”generation of FFs, are for the most part, are nothing more then “whiney, know it all smart ass kids who want everything handed to them on a silver plate without having to work for anything”. They think they are entitled to everything. The “new” generation of FFs have no idea what the meaning of “to have someone’s back is”. They are only in it for themselves. This generation of “kids” throw themselves into issues that they have no reason to be involved in and become the frontline on the gossip train. If these “new wanna be” FFs want a career in the fire service it is not a good way to start. These FFs are pretty much a bunch of ass-kissers who end up looking like idiots and dumbasses. In the fire service, your reput6tation is almost everything to you. Being known as an idiot or ass-kisser could lead you to a career that ended before it ever began. When you have only been in the fire department for about a year, and you are known as one the afore mentioned, you can pretty much kiss any career aspirations good bye. The fire service is known as a group of family and friends and it seems everyone either knows you or knows of you. Word travels fast in the fire service and no one wants to work with tbese young firefighters with a bad “know it all “attitude.


The fire service has been known for its brotherhood and taking care of its own when help is needed. For those that have no pride or could care less about traditions of the fire service  they will find out very quickly that when they  start to need help or assistance on a task, help will be hard to find. Why is this? To put it simply, they have probably pissed someone or a group of veteran FFs off.


As I mentioned earlier, it seems that everyone in the fire service seems to practically know or know of someone in the fire service. Again, reputations are everything. If these “new” firefighters are trying to get a job, the Department they have applied for has already done some unofficial background checks about you from people who know you. One bad recommendation or phone call can kill your chances of becoming a FF instantly. Today’s “new” firefighters are too young and dumb to realize that. They will learn the hard way when they keep getting black balled from Departments they have applied to for employment. 


To sum this up, there are many veteran firefighters who are more than willing to work with the “new” generation of firefighters  and pass on the traditions of the fire service and most importantly teach them what brotherhood really is all about. Unfortunately, a lot of the “newbies” could still care less. This is slowly bringing the death of the Fire Service as we know it closer and closer.

God Bless every public servant and may everyone say safe.”



That is what i wrote back in 2015. I wish I could say it has gotten better but the “newbies” or millennials have, in my opinion, only gotten worse. This my 32nd year in the Fire Service, mostly as a career Firefighter / Paramedic so I have seen first hand these issues. I guess I am traditionalist when it comes to firefighting. The more the tradition dies, so does the fire service as we have known it. What I wrote can be applied to both small departments and big departments alike. A few bad apples can kill a Department. Those of us that have been in for a while should try to do our best to keep the traditions alive!!


I am asking for some feedback to see if this issue is only happening here where I am or if this a problem in other departments or localities. 





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