Now for the real blog. People in our inner circle, trying to tear down what we're trying to build

       I AM SURE that somebody, somewhere has blogged on this issue, but I'm going to go ahead and do it, because it's something that is on my mind at this moment.  It's a REAL problem in the fire service as a whole.  Historically, the Department I'm on has had morale problems, as have many others, however, I feel that we have been doing a really good job of getting it back on track for the most part.  Still, it seems there is always that ONE individual that seems to think he's the smartest, hottest thing going, and doesn't hesitate to let EVERYBODY know it, and throw EVERYBODY else under the proverbial bus.  Maybe they don't think about what they're doing, maybe they do and just don't care.  The fact remains that it is ridiculous to think you're trying to build morale and camaraderie, when in fact all you're doing is hurting everybody around you, and helping them to form a negative opinion about them to everyone around.

    As a firefighter, and a firm believer that our society is and should always be a BROTHERHOOD,  I really don't understand the motives of some.  Where do the lines between selflessness and selfISHness get blurred?  At what point does one say, "Well, this used to be a brotherhood, but screw you all it's all about me"?  If you happen to be that guy...STOP IT!  You're doing nothing but making yourself out to be a nuisance to every member of your department and I honestly believe that those that came before us would be SICK.  In the past, The Firehouse and being a FIREFIGHTER actually MEANT something.  There was HONOR amongst the men, there was BROTHERHOOD among them.  Everybody looked out for everybody else so WHY on Earth can we not get it right now? 

    In today's society, it seems as though the need for self-promotion and self-sustainment overrides the compassion and family-like atmosphere that used to be the allure of the fire service.  It's appalling, disgusting, and ridiculous.  Sorry that this seems like a rant, but its how I feel.  Have a good night everybody.  If anybody would like to add any thoughts, feedback, personal experiences with the same issues and how you handled them, feel free.  I look forward to it. 

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