and the rest who risk their lives to save others

    Once upon a time there were mountain castles
    Standing proud against clear blue skies
    Surrounded by green majestic forests
    Red-tailed hawks and eagles soaring high

    There were knights who protected the forest
    Valiant knights with senses keen
    Brave and strong not in shining armor
    Gallant knights all clad in khaki green

    Then came a drought and the land was thirsty
    Hot dry winds began to blow
    An evil knight loosed the waiting Dragon
    Breathing fire he set the woods aglow

    Fearless knights rushed forth to kill that Dragon
    The battle raged both night and day
    But the Dragon continued his terrible roar
    Breathing fire before him held the knights at bay

    Then another Dragon reared its ugly head
    And breathed his fire all around
    “Join with me!” the first Dragon roared
    “As one we will burn this Mountain down!”

    Thick black smoke filled the Mountain skies
    The sun turned to blood as the forest died
    Woodland creatures soon had no homes
    But the Dragons hunger was not satisfied

    He breathed his fire toward the Mountain Castles
    30,000 people fled their homes
    Still blew the restless wailing winds
    And the Dragon of Disaster roamed

    The Mountain’s cry was heard from sea to sea
    To kill the fiercest Dragon the land had seen
    Their prayers were answered when from far and wide
    Came knights all clad in khaki green

    Strong  knights gathered round that mighty Dragon
    And wounded him on every side
    They quenched his fire though he roared and screamed
    Brave knights held fast as the Dragon died

    As the skies cleared and the sun shined bright
    The joyful Mountain began to sing
    Praises to the knights who protect the forest
    Knights all clad in khaki green

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Comment by Victor Pikari on May 19, 2011 at 8:56pm
How breath taking and the Pics have caught the essence of your fire dragon:)

"We are all explorers on the great sea of life
We search and we hunt for our pleasure
Some adventures are fruitful and some disapoint
But few find a gem they can treasure"

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