Hello, my friends! My name is Igor Pojar and I am from Moldova, Orhei. Since 2008 I have been a Chief at the Rescue and Fire Department Orhei. Orhei region is situated in a picturesque area, with rich historical traditions that invites tourists to admire it! Orhei region is positioned in the heart of Moldova and it is formed out of 75 places organized into 38 city halls. The administrative center of the area is Orhei, situated at 48 km north from the capital of Moldova, Chisinau. The Orhei surface, served by Fire and Rescue Department Orhei, is 1.228 square kilometers; total population of the region is 125 400 thousand people, the population density is 102,4 people per square kilometer.
I love my country a lot, even despite the fact that it is not as rich as any other European country, b ut my all is here, next to my family and friends.
As stated above, the whole Orhei region, that of 1.228 square kilometers, is serviced by a Rescue and Fire Unit where 40 devoted and brave firemen work daily. At our disposal we have got 4 firetrucks, 1 fire- tank, 1 fire- rescue vehicle. Annually our Unit manages from 600 to 650 interventions: fire, people- rescue, animal rescue, traffic accidents, extrications, etc. the farthest point situated from the Unit headquarters is situated at a distance of 45 km, which is covered in 30- 45 minutes.
As for the vehicles that are used at our Unit I can say that it is already outdated: its exploitation has been exceeded 2- 3 times; it is still well- functioning, though it has been used since early ‘80s.
It has been a general description of the Unit, but as a Chief of the Unit my first duty is to provide the firemen with necessary fire equipment. That issue, of the old and overused fire equipment, makes me worry a lot about the ones who risk their lives in order to save the victims of the fires, accidents, and other problems.
As the Chief of the Unit, I have got a request of help towards your organization, which is: do you think we could be supplied by your organization with the necessary fire equipment like: HELMETS, FIRE CLOTHING (FIRE OVERALLS, FIRE JACKET), FIRE GLOVES, HOODS, SPECIAL FIREMEN BOOTS. We are appealing to your brethren understanding and generous help. We will really be grateful to you if we could be provided with 40 pairs of firemen boots. Our respect and gratitude will be similar to your generosity!
As a final point I would like to add that my job has been my motivation since I became a fireman. With that job my passion found me: I started collecting fire patches from all over the world and at the visitors; along with that hobby we started a junior firemen school for youngsters aged 10-12 years old who, in future, would like to become devoted fire professionals. My goal is to provide my colleagues and the juniors with necessary clothing and equipment along with the knowledge of being a FIREMAN!
One day I dream to meet my goals and provide my men with all needed, and why not- visit THE FIREMEN MUSEUM IN NEW YOUR CITY! Become aware of all that knowledge and devotion in reality.
I hope, I hope in being able to help my people.
Waiting for your response,
With respect,
Igor Pojar, Chief of the Fire and Rescue Unit, Orhei, Moldova

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