I posted about Brotherhood in the Fire Service and would like to give some more of my views. I have been a firefighter for 15 years. A volunteer for 15 and a full career firefighter for the last 8 years. I grew up in a Fire Department my father was an Assistant Chief and Chief when I was a kid and was a Captain when I joined. It is what I have known and I love it and would not change it for anything in the world. Now a little twist to my career and how I am dealing with it. As I said I have been a career firefighter for the last 8 years, I went through Fire Academy and did pretty well and have worked very hard throughout my career. I strive to be the best I always have and always will it is just how I am (I guess I picked that while playing sports as a kid). Last year I was injured, I got checked out and a treatment plan was established by an Orthopedic Physician. I followed and also returned to duty as time went on it got worse but I worked through it and then the Doc decided he would do surgery and fix the problem since the physical therapy was not working. I thought great I will work up to the surgery have it done and be back in 6 weeks. Well I was wrong I ended up taking some time off before the surgery because I felt I could no longer do what I needed to no big deal a couple week vacation and then surgery and back to work. Again I was wrong the surgery went well and I got right back into physical therapy but the pain and weakness continued to worsen my physical therapists tried different exercise and nothing seemed to work. My Doc referred me to another specialist and he gave me a new diagnosis and a new treatment plan and said 6-8 weeks and you will be good to go. So again I get done and do what I was given and nothing helps it just gets worse. So anyway another specialist and more treatment and blah blah blah and I am now coming up on a year away from the job. The only thing I truly know and what I LOVE to do. My family is the only thing that means more than the Fire Service to me. And I know that the fire service and the people I work with our my extended family but you all know what I mean. Now my question for you is and this goes along with my The Fire Service and You post if a firefighter you work with career or volunteer was in this position would you be there for them? Anyone who has been injured can tell you how it feels to be away and I can tell you I miss it very much. I have been off but I can tell you when it is my shift and I know what the guys are doing, if they have been busy or slow what training they have been completing if anything new in our first due is happening just like I was there. Why is this? Because the guys and gals I work with are there for me they have been from the beginning and will be until the end. This is the BROTHERHOOD I have been talking about and what I am so passionate about. I have a commute to work I do not live where I work my choice and what my family prefers and with that I have not seen the people I work very much and I do not get to visit the station take in the smell of a fire from last night or hang out at the kitchen table and talk. Again luckily for me I receive phone calls and texts from my brothers and sisters that keeps me involved. I can tell truly tell you that you do not know how much you miss our profession until it is taken away for whatever reason. I understand even more why the guys that retire stop in for a coffee and to sit around and talk.  So ask yourselves are you doing all that you can for your brothers and sisters in the Fire Service. If you have any doubt about it that you could or should have done a little more for a brother or sister then give a little more to them. I will be back the fat lady has not sung for me it is just taking a little longer than expected. But I will overcome and get back to what I love and miss so much.


Stay Safe Ronnie

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Comment by Shift WOD on May 31, 2013 at 1:09pm
The firefighter service isn't what it was years ago. I've been a firefighter for over 18 years for a large department in south Florida the brothers only watch out for themselves. They stab you in the back to make themselves look better than you. When things happen in your life such as your injury you come to find out who your true friends are and those you thought we're friends are not. I truly feel there are brothers out there but not how it was 10 years ago.

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