Love for me
It was just another day at the station but something made Steve feel a little different. He just had a strange and uneasy feeling deep down inside. Just then the alarm sounded, Code 90 house and fire is visible from the road. The trucks roll out in a flash with the lights and sirens blaring. Steve put on his turnout gear as they headed to the scene. Upon arrival, people were gathered outside and begin to yell she is still inside. Steve and his crew went straight in looking for the home owner in all the smoke and flames. As he felt his way through the thick smoke and hot red flames, he spots a figure lying on the floor. Steve grabs her up in his arms and races out of the house as the rest of the crew tries to contain the flames. Once outside he starts to try and revive the young lady. Strong deep breaths and chest compressions finally bring the young lady back to life. She is in a panic as they try to control her. Paramedics take her to the local hospital where she remains for a few days for observation. Meanwhile Steve and his crew are back doing what they love to do, fighting fires. A few weeks went by and the young lady from the house fire stops by the station to thank the man who saved her life. As she walks into the fire house, a somber feeling comes over her. She approaches a firefighter working on his gear, Excuse me sir, the young lady says. Where can I find a firefighter named Steve who pulled me from a house fire a few weeks ago, the hospital said this was his station. The firefighter looks up with watery eyes and says, Ma’am Steve was killed in a house fire last Thursday while trying to save a little boy from certain death. As he reached the front door with the little boy, the house exploded sending Steve into the air. He saved the boy but with the blast it busted him up inside so bad that he could not recover. The young girl with tears streaming down her face could not believe what had happened. She never even got to tell him her name. But that is the way it always goes, they do a job and then they are gone onto the next call. Susan was her name, 28 years of age, with long blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. As she leaves the station, she goes to the cemetery to visit the grave of her hero. As she approaches the grave a calm feeling comes over her with a soft gentle breeze touching her hair softly. Susan feels his presence upon her shoulders along with a soft touch of her face; she smiles as a tear runs slowly down her cheek. My hero to me you will always remain in my heart till the day I die. As the years go past, Susan visited Steve’s grave every weekend and would sit and talk for hours. For as you see, Steve was really apart of Susan’s life before the fire but she never knew until after that terrible day. Steve was her brother that she never knew. Susan and Steve were separated at birth due to the mother gave them up for adoption but Steve had found her only three months earlier but had not had the chance to meet with her to explain what happened when they were little. So when the call went out for a code 90 house and he knew the address was his sisters, he had to respond in a hurry. The fire house was going through his belongings and ran across her name and address along with the paperwork of the adoption. The chief sent all of Steve’s belongings to Susan after her visit to the station. Life has many meanings but the greatest one of all is love. You can forget things and events but love will always remain deep inside you until the end.

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