You just went to the bathroom. Did you wash your hands?
I'll admit, sometimes I'm tempted to walk out without washing my hands. After all, aren't the people I'm supposed to be protecting from germs
just other people who don't wash their hands?

Is this gross?

I'm a full time, professional EMT. Let me tell you a secret. About half of the people in nursing homes are there because somebody didn't wash their hands. Not all of these people are old either. Some are in their 20's or 30's. Some are children. How would you feel if your child went in for a simple tonsilectomy and got a serious infection because somebody didn't wash their hands?

It grosses me out when I go into the bathroom at work after one of my fellow employees has just come out and the sink is dry. As professional healthcare workers we are exposed to some pretty scary stuff. If we don't wash up we can get infections that thumb their nose at most antibiotics. Worse yet we can pass it along to our patients who are already in a weakened state.

I once was in a resturant bathroom and I saw an employee step out of a stall and walk out the door. In that same resturant I saw a server eating croutons off a patrons salad before he took it out to the table. HELLO!!! A little common sense here!!!

Is anyone getting this? Am I talking to myself? We have parents! I know we've all been told about this. It's nothing new!

So here's the deal. Wash your hands. Stay healthy.

If you don't wash your hands I'm gonna get a really bad urinary tract infection and piss in your Cheerios.

Thanks for your time.


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Comment by Stuart Williams on September 18, 2007 at 7:21pm
Thanks Dave. This idea can't be reinforced enough.
Comment by D.E. Detmer Sr. on September 17, 2007 at 9:44pm
I am HACCP certified chef and not washing hands has many other problems than he has mentioned, some of which are very deadly, such as hepititus, Shingoella, e-coli and a host of other ones. So WASH every time you use the bathroom and use a towel to open public restroom doors as lots of people don't wash. Dave

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