I'd had the idea of doing a running report on our incidents.

Can't be bothered! Maybe I'll just mention any of interest...

I don't think I've mentioned this one, but it was interesting. Happened a couple of weeks ago now, pager mid afternoon to support our neighbours in the full career service. Stangely, it was further into their area than we normally support, would normally be one of our career Stations supporting there. As it turned out, they specifically requested us. Nice feeling from that!.. Anyway. I get to the shed and so does the only other person to show up, not good. But off we go, lights and sirens (Code 1 for us). I'd seen the smoke from my house, this was a goer.

Arrive on scene to be asked to 'go down there and do what you can' - this was the IC pointing down the hill to the grass fire that was steaming along quite well. OK, through the end-of-street barrier and straight into a running grass fire attack. I got on the back leaving my partner to drive (it's a good truck, but does need a driver...). We head across the firefront with me hitting it with one of the short 38mm attack lines on the top of the truck - right across to the other side. It wasn't totally out, but we'd got most of it, so turn around and head back again doing the same thing. By this time the other service had a couple of pumpers down on the grass, with an FF each dragging a hose out to attack from the ground. We followed suit and started on a large pile of tree branches etc that was going well.. Out of water - so the other guys broke their hydrant feed to fill us.

All full again. Re-tasked to go to the top of the hill to help where the fire had spread into some nice large cypress trees. And do those things burn! We did our bit up there - my mate jumping the high chainlink fence and me passing him the hose and branch so he could get close to the red stuff. A bit more work and it was down to blacking out and looking for hotspots. The IC came over to thanks us for our help and release us. He also offered to send a couple of his guys to help us make up. That we refused, with thanks, as we had only three lengths out - easy make up.

There was a good article in the local paper, with some very nice photos. Try this link for the best one, a little looking there and you can see the other shots too:


Spectacular. Taken from about 100 metres away, our truck was about 15 metres from that flame. I like the shot and intend getting a good copy from the paper. For the uninitiated, the truck is what we call a "Tanker' - a general purpose firefighting vehicle carrying 2000 litres of water, a ladder, hoses and a selection of tools. They can and are used for structure fires (even with their small capacity pump) but excel at grass fire attacks, and bushfire work.

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