Double fire alarm night:1/14 and 1/15 2008

So..tonite was good,started out kinda slow but none the less fun.I was chillin at the house wen around 11:45pm Station 7,11,&12 got a fire alarm call to a brush fire that was pointless.Me and my boy Ed got there and put that shit out quick,it was a sad excuse for a camp fire more or less that didnt need to be put out.We did get Station 11's engine truck stuck in the mud tho,so those of u that enjoy muddin and pullin out Z71's,u aint done shit till uve pulled out a FIRE TRUCK,haha,it was quite here i am chillin at the house again,on the computer and talkn to Joe(the fire chiefs grandson) at ab 2:00am wen he says "hey hold on,my grandad is callin me",and im thinkin to myself uve got to be kidding me bc theres only one thing that coulda meant,fire.He comes bac on and says we got a house fire so i was like SHIT and at the same time goin this is freakin awesome,two alarms in one nite.So i call the dept and David(the dispatcher) tells me to go get a tanker truck from my station and go to this fire,which was intresting since ive never drivin a fire truck in my life bc my Lt. and Capt. always drive,but im thinkin w/e,cant be that hard.So here i am on my way to a fire in my BIGass fire truck that has 1500gallons of water in it,yea which = heavy as hell.Well here i am,runnin my red lights and my siren,goin thru intersctions and stuff,fun shit let me tell ya....well i pulled up,"Madison County Station 12,tanker 12 on the scene",i get out and put my jacket and helmet on and here i go.up to the house i find my boy Ed AGAIN and Ben,also w/ us was Brandon and Joe.We get a hose and in this house me and Joe go,so much smoke i couldnt see my hand in my face,yea fun....later me and Ed went in together as a hose team,get thru the garage into the kitchen and wat happens,i the bright one i am beings as how i couldnt see not a damn thing took a big step and i fell thru the kitchen floor,yea thats rite i fell T H R O U G H the floor and Ed was holdin on to me,well...till he lost me bc i disapeared half was without a doubt funny....we all did overhaul on this house tryin to get it all out so we could go home since its like 4am at this point.THEN Daniel comes bac in the house,which Daniel is like the shit at firefighting,hes just awesome,the downfall to this tho was that he kept finding stuff that noone else saw and chief was like we can go home wen Daniel comes out,which ab 10 minutes later Ken just walked over and took his hose,lol,he figured take the hose he cant find anything else and it worked,it was awesome,haha....well i didnt notice,but it was like 30degrees or less and i walk out and sit down on the bac of a truck and my wet pants froze to the truck,that was fun gettin off,lol...then i got to drive that heavy freakin truck bac to the station which at this point its like 6 or better in the mornin,yea im tired,haha...

kickass job Madison Co Fire Dept..kudos to my buddies Ben,Ed,Joe,and Brandon,and the other 3 stations of guys who were there,we did our thing and showed that fire who was boss....kickass night

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