To the nation's bravest, the heroes of every hometown

A hose in the hands of a fireman hangin' on for dear life, That truck's comin round with a hell of a sound and blur
Of flashing light.

You can see the fire in our eyes,
We came here for the ride.

It took only twenty minutes after they dropped that tone
For us to be where the Devil dances together, but alone.

And just when the end for me was in sight,
You took all you had and pushed me toward the light

I hit the ground hard and took my first breath of fresh air,
I looked over my shoulder, but you weren't there.

Now 500 fire engines with their lights on drive slow
I stand in the honor guard, third over,
First row as I raise a salute there is not a dry eye

And The only words I can mutter are "It looks like you
Got your ride."

Bobby King