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California Wildfire Coordinating Group (CWCG) SAFETY ALERT – Communications

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Firefighter Dan™: Fire Safety Messages for Kids - A Great Tool for Educating Our Youngest

Firefighter Dan™ features a safety curriculum that helps kids 2-6 recognize, reduce and escape hazards while helping to develop numeracy, literacy, art, science, history, reasoning and citizenship. By utilizing all types of media:…


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Wildland Fire Predictive Services "Fire Potential" Models: Why I Don't Trust Them, and Why You Shouldn't Either

I'll try to make this simple. It's taken me 28 years to learn this, so I should be able to explain it in simple terms in a few paragraphs. Right? Probably not, it's hard to explain fire science, but I'll do my best. My concerns are for community protection and firefighter safety.

Every fall in Southern California, we get some rain and it slows fire season down a bit. This is nothing unusual nor unpredictable. Some green starts… Continue

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Disappointed: There Are Consensus Standards for Burn Center Referral – When the Hell Will MDs Start Using Them? – One Chief’s Experience and Frustration

Firefighter Down... Off Duty

I'm very disappointed. I'm actually very saddened after hearing the experiences and pain that one of our firefighters is having. It doesn't need to happen nor ever be repeated again... but IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME.... to both the public and our firefighters.

After years of… Continue

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Survey: NWCG Seeks Comments on New Web Portal Design and Development

The National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) is inviting participation in the development of their new Web Portal design. Interested parties are requested to view the presentation below and then complete a survey. You can take this survey by clicking HERE.

A Web Portal…

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Vicki Minor, Founder and Director of the Wildland Firefighter Foundation, to be Inducted into the Caring Institute HALL OF FAME

On Tuesday, October 5th, Vicki Minor (Founder and Executive Director of the Wildland Firefighter Foundation) will be inducted into the Caring Institute Hall of Fame.

Vicki will be among five other adults and five youths being bestowed this great honor for their dedicated… Continue

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Lessons Learned: 10 Firefighters Injured on a Wildland Fire – HAZMAT Exposure

Link: http://ramblingchief.com/2010/08/06/lessons-learned-10-firefighters-injured-on-a-wildland-fire-hazmat-exposure/

Fort Hunter Liggett Firefighter HAZMAT Exposure

Facilitated Learning Analysis from the Bear Fire (CA-FHL) where 10 firefighters were treated and released following an unknown HAZMAT…

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IAFC Safety Week (Day 1): Firefighter Safety and Cyanide Exposure/Poisoning – Important Info YOU Need to KNOW!!

For Immediate Release

Contact: Shawn Longerich /…


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Firefighter Safety: Cyanokit ≠ Current Cyanide Antidote Kit (CAK)

Cyanokit does not equal the Cyanide Antidote Kit (CAK) (Also known as the Lilly Kit... Pasadena Kit... etc...) that is currently being used by many receiving hospitals and some pre-hospital EMS/ALS providers.

As I've found out, many M.D.s don't even realize this when you first talk to them about it. Cyanokit (hydroxocobalamin)… Continue

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Decades of Errors Without Any Course Correction

Decades of Errors Without Any Course Correction

On November 18, 2009, by RamblingChief…


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Wildland Firefighting Top 10 Videos List

A reader has asked me to provide links to the ten most viewed videos on RamblingChief.Com. Here they are in order of popularity so far:…


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Wildland Fire News - CA Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA) Approves Changes To EMT Program - 03/24/2010

In response to a discussion going on at another "wildland fire website", many false and dated assumptions and inaccuracies are being discussed in regards to the … Continue

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Why Wildland Firefighters Need EMS - The National EMS Scope of Practice Model

Over at another wildland fire themed website, there is an active discussion on the Interim NWCG Minimum Standards for Medical Units. Seems quite a few folks over there are having problems grasping the fact that EMS has entered the 21st Century and is evolving. As someone who has been an EMT for over 25 years as both a provider, and former instructor and policy writer, I find the general theme… Continue

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