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Politics ...

Started this discussion. Last reply by Eric Feb 13, 2009. 5 Replies

Can foreigners to work in the FDNY??

Started this discussion. Last reply by SMOKEnPipesJim Feb 14, 2009. 11 Replies

Greetings from Russia Colleagues!!!

Started this discussion. Last reply by RUS fire 86.10 Feb 8, 2009. 8 Replies


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I like motorcycles,. Stunt riding. Hockey,., Off road 4x4, UAZ-the best russian car., Nascar., my VW Jetta CL 89" And of course the fire dept
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This is much better than sitting in the office and look over the paper, you do not sit in one place, constantly deystvuesh, most importantly that you are helping people

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At 12:29pm on May 8, 2009, sarah arledge said…
hi Rus fire 86.10 welcome to ffn hope you like it here its a great place to be. stay safe take care
At 8:28am on April 24, 2009, Doug said…
Hi Rus, just stopped by to say hi, take care and be safe, God bless
At 2:51pm on February 25, 2009, Evgenie Frolov from Russia said…
Вступай в мою группу!!!!!!!!!!!
At 3:38pm on February 22, 2009, Evgenie Frolov from Russia said…
Привет брат!!!
At 10:53am on February 19, 2009, Eric said…
Hey man, thanks for adding me
At 2:26am on February 16, 2009, SMOKEnPipesJim said…
Can I ask you a couple of questions?)

1) Are you familiar with the brand name used in Seagrave FDNY what he estimated power? here 350-400 hp would be average we dont have bigger needs, I will have to do some research on the segrave's The have.. not 100 percent sure.

2) How many liters of water in it is placed??
500 US gallons x 3.785= 1892.5 liters
750 " " " : " = 2838.75 liters

3) What is the power of his pump? How many liters per second it can pump??
We rate our pumps in U.S.Gallon per Minute, using GPM to Lps multiply Gallons per minute by
1250 gpm pump = 78.75 Liters Per Second
1500 gpm " " = 94.5 Lps
2000 gpm = 126 lps

How many meters of your ladder??? And tower ladder?
ok again because u speak FDNY speak.. a ladder and they're tower ladders are 99% the same so... typical FDNY ladder is 110 feet =33.53 meters...either rearmount turntables or "tiller"Tractor trailer drawn which they still have a couple in specific neighborhood for access abilities eithe way the ladder's are called 100 feet.
the tower ladders come either 95 feet =28.956 m 75 feet or 22.86 m

there are other manufacturers who build platforms on 110' booms 33.53
and even bigger as you well know But in NY a 120 m wont do anyone any good.. so why bother these... work and are useable...the one you have with what 5 drive axles would pretty much NOT be worth trying to get it to a scene in most of NYC so its what works best and effectivly for them.. I hope my math and conversions are correct I dont do that often so IF they aree stuid silly let me know if they do not make sense HAHAHA and it is 2:30 am Jim
At 10:28am on February 15, 2009, SMOKEnPipesJim said…
Alexey wrote and the translator left some meaning out,and some words that do not translate, I think we all need to rememberThat both languages amd cultures have they're own idioms, English/ American is especially difficult to relate our Slang terminology and local customary idioms and meanings however the idea of what he said was true, ..

He wrote "Nifiga you wrote here dissertation. Well done! Another would be to жопу sent you to your point, but he razzheval all the details for you. He has b / d did a thesis on the building structures burning house in their mind is. Incidentally, the translation is quite successful, I snachaal in the original reading, then saw the bottom of the translation. " ... Keep in mind we dont have meaning for razzheval or snachaal.. :) ...
A high class training from the men, is to learn! But some of their positions naive to laugh ...
At 2:37am on February 15, 2009, SMOKEnPipesJim said…
So iin many parts Of my size up, I was pretty close any fire in 90 degree (f)and 90% humidity as RFD told me and having been renovated with voids left that allow for verticle extension is as bad as a Balloon frame. MY Department serves a city also of roughly 100,000 but our manning is 4 on and engine 4 on a truck and 5 on our Heavy rescue , We run 9 Engines 4 trucks and the Rescue... When I was hired we had 4 more engines and one more truck and often I recall being extra assigned to ride with companies from out of town...on a few "bad nights" Manning in Many areas is a Major problem and topic of discussion, administrators see 22 firefighters per shift there they dont see 2 guys showing up with a couple more showing up a coupel minutes later, making for ineffective operations of any sort,,, at least with our 4 we can effectivly establish a water supply and begin to attack the fire at the same time with one unit
At 10:16pm on February 14, 2009, rfdjumper said…
Let me explain a little something before I try and translate. The City of Rearing is a city of around 100,000 during the day time, it consist of 22 IAFF Firefighters on the clock at any given moment (7 engines, 3 ladders, 1 heavy rescue, each truck has a driver and a firefighter). First alarm is 3 engines, a ladder and the rescue, and a chief. That's 10 people. The Clymer St Apartment was actually built as a mansion for a railroad tycoons daughter. It was later cut up and converted in to apartments after the railroads failed. In 1979 there was a fire which they rebuilt the facade to look original. The fire was dispatched around 1200 on August 4, 2008, structure fire with entrapment. The fire started on the first floor in a common kitchen. The occupant tried to put the fire out first. Then called her mother to ask her what she should do. 20 minutes after a simple grease fire was started she called 911. First engine on scene was 2 minutes, first ladder 3 minutes, first chief 4 1/2 minutes. Chief upon arrival struck the 2nd alarm, that brought 2 engines and a ladder. Thats 6 more men.

The first engine reported fire blowing out of every windo on the first floor. The first line did an agressive interior attack and kicked the shit out of the fire in the kitchen with the 500 gallons of tank water . Water pressure in that part of town is terrible plus the property was up a steep incline. The supply line had to of been "hand jacked" about 500 foot to the closest hydrant. A second supply line was "hand jacked" from a block above through a lawn, over a fence to the engine. Initially it was thought that the ladder would not fit up the narrow driveway because of ornamental gate pillars at the entrance of the property. Through a lot of jockeying, the tower was eventually able to back up the driveway. A portable master stream was placed in service knock down the rest of the fire on the first floor.

Upon arrival, the first ladders crewman, me, had smoke banked down the driveway with people still exiting the building from the fire escape. When asked if everyone was out, the response was "I don't know" I entered the building via fire escape to search the third floor. Third floor had light smoke throughout. but no fire. After searching the second floor, which had medium smoke but no fire. I went back up to the third floor to check for extention. I opened up the door to an apartment and I had fire in the ceiling area. I called for a line, it took a couple of minutes to get there. Upon checking for extension in the apartment, there was heat but not fire. I went in with the hose crew to start pulling ceiling, and trying to vent some of the heat out. Well the fire started popping up all around engulfing the entire apartment and the 1 3/4 didn't have enough gpm to put out the btu's. Needless to say we all bailed out of the apartment rather quickly. We didn't know it then but the fire had traveled from the first floor via voids left over from the 1979 fire reconstruction, and the entire attic area was engulfed in fire. At this time 3rd alarm was struck bringing 6 more men. Thats 22 men total. Crews were still agressively trying to put this fire out from the inside. My bottle was shot, I went out and changed cylinders. Chief asked me to get a saw and help open up the roof.

Long story short, conditions got worse chief pulled every one out and it went to exterior operations.
More pictures are availible for review at:

Do you do interior firefighting in Russia, or do you just surround the fire with master streams?
At 12:07pm on February 14, 2009, Alexey Antonov said…
Нифига тебе тут диссертации пишет. Молодец! Другой бы в жопу послал тебя с твоим замечанием, а он все подробно тебе разжевал. Он пока б/р делает, диссертацию по строительным конструкциям горящего дома у себя в уме составляет. Кстати, перевод довольно удачен, я сначаал в оригинале прочитал, потом увидел внизу перевод.
Высокий класс подготовки у мужиков, стоит поучиться! Но некоторые их посты наивны до смеха...

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