Moving Your Profile Page Elements Around

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Moving your profile elements around is a great new feature and very easy.

The simplest explanation: You can now drag and drop features on your homepage and rearrange it. Simply put your cursor on the menu bar of each feature and on the left, you'll see the arrows appear, just drag to a new spot on the page. (Some features are fixed and will not move.) This will give you much more flexibility in your page design.

You can't move around any elements from or two the left column and the core information on the left side including your primary profile photo, username and friends. But basically, any component where you see that EDIT tab, can be moved around. If you want to move something to a higher or lower position on your page, just drag it there and your page should scroll!

Some screen shots of the process are below. In the examples I use the 'Profile' overview (the part of your page that tells us who you are). If you choose to move this element, we strongly encourage you to leave it relatively high on your profile so people can quickly find out all about you!

STEP ONE: Mouseover the title bar of the element you want to move around. For example below, I've moused-over the 'Profile' element on my page.

STEP TWO: If you click on the title bar of that page element, and press your mouse button and hold it down, a box will show up with arrows.

NOTE: If you try to move something to where it shouldn't go, you'll see a clear indication (graphic below) indicating it cannot go there.

STEP THREE: Move the element to where you want it, as in the left colum below (below My Friends in this example), then simply release the mouse button to 'drop it' there (hence, the drag and drop ..)

STEP FOUR: And you are done! Your profile element is where you want it!

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