To promote the brotherhood, recuit new bagpipe players and share information for bagpipe bands.
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  • Gert Krowicki

    Thanks Jim,

    I am aware of the copyright aspect and in no means dont respect the work that goes into finding/rewriting tunes for the bagpipe.I am just no good at it meself and , trust me, I have tried and tried again (bringing out the tissues here). By the way, I really do enjoy this site......aint the internet wonderful in many ways?

    Regards from abroad  :-)

  • SMOKEnPipesJim

    Gert, rest assured I was  not trying to come  across, The wrong  way  by stating  that, Only that with the explosional/Growth  of piping  In general, fueled in part thanks  to the internet (on many levels)  One of my  favorite  websites of all time  was an  electronic Bagpipe  Midi site which was one of several that  were Forced down...My point is as much as I understand you'r   wanting something  "new and differant" If  everyone out there  played       Ob-La-Di%2COb-La-Da-1.jpg  on the bagpipes  Imagine how much  richer Paul McCartney would be?

  • matt wells

    Fellow Firefighters and Pipers, I am reaching out to to you to ask for your support. Our band is headed to Scotland to compete in the World Bagpipe Competition in Glasgow in August. We are offering these decals for $3:00 each or 2 for $5.00 to help offset the cost of buses to and from the Games. Our Band web site is, we are mostly fire/ems service and appreciate you help. For decals send sase, #63/4works but #10 envelope is better esp. for multiple decals. Leave message in my inbox and I will give you address to mail to.

    Thank you in advance,