Just something about seeing the plume then smelling the smoke that gets the heart pumpin. Then the real fun starts checkin setup camp and hurry up and wait,B/S with the others that look like yellow and green clones,war stories and good food.Makes for some lifetime friends.Met some of the best on the fireline in some of the most unforgiving countryside this country has to offer.

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I agree with you about meeting some of the best people on the line....but the food....come on, lol the MRE's aren't that good! Seriously though, they have been getting some really good caterer's lately haven't they...At least the evening meal is usually pretty decent! That's OK! cuz we know how to take care of ourselves!(refer to photos)
All the meals where good at the Jocko Lakes, MTfire.Out on the line those bag lunches F@#$ing sucked. At Forest Grove, Mt no catering was available So bag lunch and go have dinner on us at the local restraunts.Not to bad.
i agree with you on this for sure. my FD had a woods fire in febuary of 2005 we got toned out at about 9pm and didnt clear untill 2am. the fire was on top of a mountain and we could see the fire from two miles out before we even got on the scene. at the very farthest point of our distrct out in BFE so it is a good 15 minute haul to get there from the station. the NCFS brought a dozer they had to park the truck and trailer a mile away and drive the dozer into the fire up an almost vertical incline to the fire on top of the mountain. it was the best woods fire ive been to since ive been fighting fire.
Try tinfoil it works wonders.That and some hot rocks cooks anything in about a half hour.The somores did look good .
Well come to Florida and we feed you in the restrants for breakfeast and dinner. only had catering dring the stroms. but I have had some really great meals the past couples of years out west. the last was in Idaho where we were spiked out and they shipped meals in. they where pretty good.
i love wildland fire its my bread and butter,when im with new mexico state forrestry, i keep food in my pack and on engine(type 6) we get alot of initial and extended attack rarely, do we get a catering tent. MRE they suck,but are livable ive learned to cook spam pretty well on a hot rock and make it taste like a glazed ham... they will try to goto a restaurant and bring food to us,thats what usually happens but a couple pounds of beef jurky is a good staple for your pack


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