what is the best way too get the public to stand behind our departments and sapport us? i have worked many many car accidents and fire calls and there are some people that no matter what you do or say they are never happy and i have had a person who is a coach at the elementary school were we land medflight that complains about the state police medflight landing on the football field. what is the deal how can this person be like that? if it was his family that we are flying out it would maybe a different story........ how can these people be so cold hearted

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I believe that part of this issue is simple ignorance. People do not understand why that service was necessary nor why it has to land where it does, in the case of your chopper, and what the real benefit of that service is. I think there is a huge lack of education for the public on issues like these.
I agree. Lack of education is a problem. Unfortunately our communities cannot afford to send out flyers or have classes to educate the locals.
Another issue would be that even if you could and the public did sit through the classes. Would they change there ways or still be ignorant and do everything the same as they did before?!? I think there are very few people out there that would actually change how the act towards us while we are trying to direct them off to a different route than they want to take.
This is one of the problems that my station is having too. We try to have events and invite the publc out often. We do open houses once a month. Plus other activities like breakfasts, car washes, dinners, and various other activities. We are doing a BBQ for Terrace days.
Unfortunatly there will always be people who hate us; until we show up and pull them out of their burning house. Then a week later they hate us again. Can't please everyone I guess.
i dont know y people are like that we got some people here that are like that
yeah i have seen people like that. they complain about response times when they dont get out of the way. i have people who think just because i am a kid means that they dont have to listen to me. that happened once then i involved mr. guy with police badge. people think that they dont have to listen to explorers because we are kids. i ran into a situation where i was responding to a call on foot at a fair and me, my partner, 2 ems explorers on bikes, 2 pd explorers on bikes and the medic on the gator we have screaming for people to get out of the way. some listened but most would not move.
The general public sees the fire department as a place where firefighters hang out and drink. There are always exceptions to the rules. I know alot of volunteers who give up there time, miss family functions in order to help thier community. I think its hard for those who arent in the field to understand what we go through and what we give of ourselves and no matter how much teaching you give to the public they just dont get it. we finally got our outside sirens reconnected 2yrs ago because the school was complaining that it disrupted them. Your right when you said that if the tables were turned and it was that persons family member then it would be a different story.
For people that are like your coach, they will never understand what we are trying to get done and what is at stake until they are put into that kind of asituation. Even then, when it isn't happening to them again they will go right back to the way that they were before. There is nothing that we can do about it.


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