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Got a call from one of our Fire Chiefs in the next village north to assist with the extrication of the occupants of this aircraft.While the operation went very smoothly,unfortunately the two occupants succumbed to their injuries. I'm posting this in hopes that it will stimulate a discussion of how Your agency would handle this call.

I don't know how we'd handle this.

Assuming the occupants are alive when we arrive:

1) If there's leaking fuel, then there's a blanket of foam going down as well as at least one charged line, along with a dry chemical powder extinguisher

2) For stabilisation, I'd probably aim fopr something fairly simpel intiially and secure it back to the trees around the plane. It's hard to tell from the few pix and angles if that's a viable option. (Getting a tow truck on scene for us is a painful process, coupled with very here use the A frame type as shown in these pix- most, if not all are flat trays now).

3) In terms of access, it's my understanding that planes are not that hard to get into. I'd be wondering if I even needed power tools? A combi or maybe just a haligan perhaps?

4) Allow paramedic in to treat and stabilise

5) Extract under their direction
You need tools,the Combu worked very nicely on this one. This was the fastest and easier way to stabilise/remove to a better area.In doing so it allowed us to use the Tow truck to assist in the removal of the occupants as both were good sized men in less than easy surroundings to work in. A couple lifting straps and slight tension on the winch rope made easy work of a difficult task. Fuel was either secured or long gone on our arrival. Been very dry and what little spilled just disappeared.It was necessary to cut rwo struts on the wings to gain access. The pics "lie" a little.looks like the tow truck is heavily loaded: it's actually going UPHIL so it' looks like the back is loaded.
Appears after investigation that the Cause of this crash was..............Low (no) fuel.


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