Anyone seen this picture of Obama's new limo?

There's some good food for thought around extrication techniques.

- armour plating
- weapons
- weight of vehicle
- numbers of casualties

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I don't think the normal extrication tools that the fire department or resuces would carry would do the job, you almost would have to have cutting torches. i don't feel that even a k-12 saw would do it maybe if you had a specical diamond blade it might. it would be a real challenge for any resuce company. do you suppose they may have a special way to enter the vehicle for extrication purposes that they are not letting first responder know about?
This car will pose a wide variety of challenges for rescue crews. The armor on it would be almost impossible to get through without some kind of special tool made for armor. A torch could possible help you some but it would would be a very long cutting time. With all of the electonics and different types of compressed gases extreme caution would have to bee used.
No problemo!..........Jet axe! Hehe T.C.
I'd love the chance to have a look over it and check it out- it'd be an awesome machine ot pull apart!

And no TC, you can't use your wrecker!!!!
I wonder if the FD's that service the area this car is primarily in have any specific training? Or would the Secret Service be offering guidance in an incident?

Even from a security perspective, there's loads of issues with this machine in terms of scene control and access, etc
I just checked the picture again and it makes reference to the fact tha tthe drivers window only opens 3 inches so he can pay tolls.

Yeah right! As if that'd happen!!!!
Getting into this vehicle would appear to be as, if not more, difficult than accessing an armored car.I've had the opportunity to have a little info on armored cars and all I can say is good luck.Fortunately they're usually in better shape than whatever they hit.
A Petrogen torch...
OK, now that we all had a lookie loo at caddy one, and as much as we all would like a crack at it with some rescue tools and imagination...... Rest assured we nor any other fire/rescue guru will ever get the chance to see, practice or even be involved in a real rescue on it. You ask why, because the seceret service already has it under control and they have the training and tools. Although it is nice to dream.
I'll bet they don't. Have ALL the tools,that is
Just remember if this vehicle is ever in a wreck and extrication is needed. As responder we would not beable to get close to this vehicle!
i would be fun to take a crack at a car thats that armored


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