Does anyone have some documented recommendations on the life expectency of high pressure lifting airbags?


I'm looking for manufacturer recommendations as well as internal stuff.


Also, does your department have a pressure testing schedule in palce, etc? How often? Who does it?

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How many I have personally witnessed has no bearing on whether or not there is a potential problem. I don't have to personally witness the laws of physics to understand them.

That said - slippage of steel-on-steel with the ResQTek bags during lifts - at least 5 different times, all in training, and all with experienced rescuers using the bags in training scenarios.

That slippage was the reason that none of those places purchased the ResQTek lift bags.
And thats fine. AGAIN,YOUR needs might be different than OURS. Are you ALWAYS this argumentmentative or are you always RIGHT? I've been around this trade awhile too,I manage to learn something everyday. Just because we don't do things the same way with the same product DOES NOT mean we don't know what's happening up here in the piney wood. You CAN have a problem with ANYTHING you do. HOW you choose to mitigate that problem will be a LOCAL control.
Don't think I mentioned where your experience was limited to. I KNOW where you're working now. You aren't the ONLY one with similar interests. Just because we don't agree with certain issues doesn't make you any more knowledgable in certain areas than myself. I would HOPE that we can agree to disagree in certain areas. What is RIGHT for YOUR area MAY NOT be the best answer for MINE. I don't suspect there are a LOT of Skidders in Hilton head for example. Here about every other yard has one in it. Usar isn't big here. Doesn't mean we DON'T know how to lift,crib things. Have a nice week.
Dude, WTH??? Nowhere did I say that you don't know anything nor did I have any idea that you seem to view where you work as "the piney woods".

That was a pretty defensive response to something that wasn't an attack.

I'm just discussing the inherent problems with different types of systems based on how they're made, how they are used, how they are maintained, and whether or not it is pointless or even harmful to hydrotest them.
Once again, what does where I work now have to do with anything?

I've worked in places where skidders were commonplace as well.

Nowhere did I say that something that is right for where I work, or anywhere I used to work is necessarily the RIGHT way to do things for your area or anywhere else.

For starters, I don't believe that there is necessarily one RIGHT way to do most anything when it comes to rescue. I'm about assessing the different tools in the toolbox and getting the ones that have the most inherent benefits and the least inherent problems.

I also understand that some things that seem intuitive don't always work out that way in real life.

Most importantly, I'm not talking about - nor have I - what is RIGHT for MY area. I don't base an analysis of any rescue system on something as arbitrary as thinking that there is actually such a thing as a RIGHT way - there are often several. I don't base an analysis of any rescue system on where I happen to work now, either.
Chief can you tell us more about the NT bags?
Ben. Be serious man. How do you expect him to respond when you argue every point he makes. This isn't a conversation. It is a critique of everything he says. Things get lost in translation sometimes so you should try thinking about how what you type will read on the other end.


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