Here's a variation of the car under truck- what would you do, how would you extricate?

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Looks like that would be a recovery. If it is that ff has the right idea. Pull the car out from under the truck then do what you got to do. If there is a viable PT. then probley stablize the car and lift the truck with air bags.
Well this is a tough one but wether or not this is a recovery you still need to treat this as a rescue. First you need to stabilize the car and truck, then lift the truck so you can then move the car and proceed from there.
Use complete PPE,Install early warning devices in front and back, Stabilized both truck and car . shut off the engine if
till running.check gasoline leakage, check victims situation under and how many occupants both vehicle. Use heavy duty lifting bags and chocks to move up the truck a little .Call the crane for lifting the truck . Do not remove the car by pulling it out it may add harm to the victims." Remove the car or truck from the bodies "
Do not reverse this procedure.EMS,Fire standby ..
Felix,a couple questions.What are you going to lift on(bags)?, the best spot is occupied by car.Next question is how are you going to get your patient(s)without removing the car unless you trunk tunnel(kinda iffy on this one)? The EASY way to do this is big tow truck.But I wonder if you couldn't do a respectable job with a couple 20 ton bottle jacks and some cribbing.About three lifts would get you around 12" of clearance,enough you could slide the car out.
size up
lift w airbags
pull car out of trucks collapse zone
stabilize both car and truck
I'm still waiting for anyone familiar with a Scania to tell me how you will lift the vehicle in the picture with airbags.I'm NOT saying it can't be done but I'm MOST curious how you think you'll rig the bags.Hint: I'm quite familiar with the configuration of the truck pictured.
1st I would make sure the pt was viable aand that would determine how things would happen, but the short of it all,Get a heavy duty Crane Recovery truck and lift the truck off the vehicle, swing the truck to the left or right, then allow the fire dept to do what they do best, Iam a very strongly reccomend that Fire departments Train with there local tow companys/Recovery companys . Those companies have all kinds of toys and they are big. I recently took a class put on by The x-team heavy rescue out of florida . I strongly reccomend this class to others , you will get a lot out of it. and consult your recovery companys they too have a lot of knowledge in this area. but most of all remember your safety first..
My preference also Lt. but let's put a twist on this.X team is unavailable or delayed.How would you proceed with what you have on hand?Several have mentioned bags,but:...........How?
In my dept, we do not use bags yet as for we are in the process of buying them , I would get in touch with my heavy recovery tow company and see if they had a truck avalible. in my town we have a company that offers their trucks at our request. or depending on the situation they are all ready in rought with their big rig. But as far as the x-team they are only a training company, they have a lot of infomation that may help your dept with ideas.
Afraid not LT. EX-team is a group of highly trained towing & recovery professionals that have pledged to offer their services free of charge to effect life saving rescue.Originally started by Bill Jackson it has grown to quite a following nationwide. At this point they may well have expanded into training but the groups original mission/focus was the use of HD towing equipment in vehicular rescue. I'm a disciple of the founder as well as another close friend;Billy Leach Jr. Billy puts on the Big Rig Rescue class which is gaining popularity around the US. I help out with the program when it runs in the Northeast,but my other reponsibilities prevent me for doing the whole circuit.Maybe when I retire.
Chief Iam aware that they will offer their expertise at your request. We had them at our training class this fall. it was an awsome class..And they told us that we could call them at any time for info. But back to the truck on car I agree with you again air bags maybe but where to gain lifting points giving that situation. Iam an extrication specialist in my dept. and i would have to put a lot of thought in to that one....
Asst.Chief Cook were you at the class they put on in New Hampshire with Al's Towing this fall


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