You're dispatched to a Train Vs Car, with unknown injuries and no further details.

What is your normal response to this type of incident?

See the attached picture, to get an idea what you're going to up against.

What would you do?

As the discussion progresses, I'll add more photos to keep the ideas flowing...

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well we dont have any fast moving trains in my response district, so i wouldnt expect anything major unless someone were to hit the side of the train. our typical response would be our bls ambulance, an engine and an als "echo" unit. if i had a fast moving train in my are i would probably have a helicopter on standby.
Thanks for kicking it off Brian.

What are your considerations as you approach the scene as depicted in the photo?
I would want to contact the operating agency of the train, and have there rep's respond, make sure any additional trains were stopped, contact the engineer to establish want types of cargo they are carrying(MSDS sheets) Once the scene is safe to operate we need to asses the patient and stabilize the vehicles
No problems Michael.

What specific hazards would be looking out for when determining if the scene is safe?
Well...there's all sorts of vehicle fluids that could be pouring out. Not to mention the car could be smoking or on fire (which it doesn't seem to be in this case). Then there's the actual stability of the car as it sits (it doesn't look too stable from the picture). Make sure you crib the shit out of the car and put some JYDs or something on the side leaning toward the ground (at least); you don't want that thing moving around when you have people inside. Also, take the train's stability on the tracks into consideration. Make sure it didn't budge off the tracks because of the impact. Make sure nothing is coming out of the train (fuel, etc.). What else...
What about vehicle positioning? (ie: where are the emergency services working from?)
hey all well being that i come from a rescue company...A. i would have the rescue for possible extration as well as an engine respond in for fire/traffic control.. as well as 2 ALS ambulance's and an air bus put on standby just for the simple fact that there were no number of pt's given or extent of inj's i would have all trains stopped in the area or heading in that direction...and proceed from there with the situation when someone arrives o/s and give a size up
Is an "air bus" a helicopter?
yes it is
i would have the apparatus on the side of the train the vehicle is on, making sure you have good access and egress. possibly a little off-set (in front of the train but off to the side). make sure you have access to hoseline and water if you need it (my department's Rescue has lots of hose and a large reservoir for water, we're a Rescue/Engine company). also, make sure the apparatus are downwind and not in the path of any liquids that may be pouring from the vehicle or the train. it looks like this is in a field of some sort, so that may be perfect for landing a bird if you need one (large landing zone).
ok question i have for you stacy ? not that im putting you down or anything...from the looks of that car i dont think its going to move the train off the tracks at all...i myself have been to train wrecks with a 18 wheel semi and it did not even budge the train.. 2nd what is the need to " Crib the shit out of the car" the car looks to be very stable as it sits i myself would but put 2 step chocks and 2 step wedges..1 of each behind the front tire and one of each in front of the rear tired and a box crib of 2x4's in the rear and thats all you are going to need and the car will be very stable thats not a shit load of cribbing if you ask me i have used more on other wrecks... as for fluids all you are going to leak is gas and break fluid...that is why an engine is being dispatched as first due with the rescue...and there is nothing that could come out of the train other then maybe hydraulic fluid..and if you have your haz mat you would know that none of the fluids that i stated above will create heat if mixed so fluids are not much of a concern on this one and if you are worried about the gas leaking onto something hot under the vehicle the way the car is tilted the gas is going to leak away from everything that is hot...thow a bit of water and anything that was hot is now cold...thats all taken care of now...well anything else or anything that i might have missed feel free to let me know...and anyone else feel free to quote if i missed anything im not saying that im perfect...but lets all use our brain on this one !
never hear that term befor ?


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