What is the best way to pop fiberglass or plastic doors. I have only experiance with sheet metal. please let me know if I need to be more spefic.

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Try a vertical spread....insert your jaws in the window and spread the door down. place your tips as close to the B post as possible.Many times the door will "pop" off of the Nader with just the first spread exposing the hinges... 2 quick cuts and your done.
Would you use a sawzall on a say a semi truck cab thats fiberglass?
sure, try an 16-20tpi bi-metal blade.
Try cutting the edges of the door skin away from the purchase area with an air chisel, then use the spreaders to force the door. The structural parts of the door are still metal, and they still bend out of the way.

The metal parts don't shatter like fiberglass or try to return to their original shape like plastic door skins.
on cars like a saturn i have found that if you skin the door first with a saws all or spreader if the door is damaged, also others have said a verticle spread and i agree
Thanks for the info guys we havent had to cut any saturns since i have been on and only one semi cab but they poped the door before I got there on the second engine a train blocked our way worst feeling in the world waitng for that train, Wish I had a pic of the semi it was one to remember.
We just had a Semi Accident that was one to remember. In our EMS territory, we have a stretch of Interstate 20, which is in an Eastern and Western direction across our coverage area. About two weeks ago, we had an eighteen wheeler, single axle dump truck, versus a cab over school bus. It involved a total of 40+ patients, and the driver of the semi had to be cut out of the cab, drivers side. Luckily, the school bus driver kept the bus on four wheels, otherwise, it could have been very bad for the school bus.Which; the school bus brings up an interesting topic.....What do you guys think about having bigger seats and seat belts on school buses? doesn't matter what kind or size of the bus, they're testing them in North Alabama right now.
use a sawzall to get into the nader pin and if the tips of your tool still rips away the fiberglass use the sawzall to cut the nader pin.
I like the idea of using the vertical spread or "crush"...but instead of doing it by the B-post...position the spreaders at the A-post/door corner...spread down and out as far as possible...if the door hinges dont give way...you can reposition the tool vertically at the gaping hole that will be created between the door and the front fender...attempt to pop the hinges from the top down...or just skin the fender at this point and use the cutters to cut the hinges
As stated before and I agree that a vertical spread, rolling the door down is by far your best move/option.
Don't know how tings work in the Southern climes but up North,fiberglass/plastic/carbon/composites don't spread well,they tend to shatter.By all means try the spreaders but have a plan B like a 'cip saw or a Rotozip.Sometimes you can get enough with the crush to get the cutters in.Where there's a will,there's a way. T.C.


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