I've heard many variations of what fellow Upstaters consider Upstate New York.
Anything North of New York City?
Anything North of the Catskills?
Anything North of I-90?
I've heard people say that anything West of Syracuse is Western New York and not Upstate.

I'm just looking to see what all of you, my fellow Upstaters consider to be the true meaning of Upstate New York.

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Based on discussions that I've had with several people from varying areas, my personal belief is that Upstate New York is North of Albany and East of Syracuse. With that, I've heard people say that South of Albany and East of Syracuse is Southern New York and that anything West of Syracuse and South of Oswego is Western New York. In reality, I would not argue with anyone that lives in New York, outside of New York City, that says that they are from Upstate New York. I guess this discussion is where I'm looking for feedback from everyone so that my own beliefs are cleared up (if they truly are incorrect). What originally spawned the question in my mind was travelling in the military, having people from elsewhere ask where I'm from and I would respond New York. As we all know when you say that, people assumed I'm from the city. I would then respond by telling them that I'm from Upstate New York. I'd have to say that about 75% of the people I'd say that to would ask if I meant Buffalo or Syracuse. The closest guess out of everyone was actually from an Australian, living in California that responded to "Upstate New York" with "anywhere near Lake George?". Anyway, thanks for any input and opinions.
I consider anybody north of albany upstate but i have good friends in rockland co that think above NYC is upstate depends where you live! some people think that we "upstaters" are all in Canada and the world ends in albany. its all good!
Thanks for the replies so far. I hope more chime in with their thoughts. I'd love to get a decent sized cross-section of people from different areas, and see what the majority thinks.
anything above new york city is upstate new york
Any place north of Watertown.
All I will say is I know for sure that I live in "UPSTATE" since I am on the Canadian border lol.
Anything above Westchester County
 Well lets see, you have New York city on the southern end and you have Champlain N.Y. at the Canadian border with Albany in the middle, so I believe that anything from Albany on up is northern New York.


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