Does anyone have any ideas for training on RIT?

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have you ever done the denver rescue it can help on team work and teach on working in a tight place it takes at least 3 to rescue 1 down ff.
Sorry I've never hear of the Denver Rescue, would you mind telling me a little more about.
I just wrote a 2 hour lecture discussing the importance of RIT "Beyond the Tarp". A Tarp and a hand full of tools do not give you the skills to be a RIT team. I don't mean to sound harsh, but I am very passionate about saving our own, our brothers and sisters, the fathers, mothers, and sons of our closest friends.

The lecture does not tell you how to do RIT. It simply gets a large group fired up and passionate about wanting to do more RIT training. From there you can bring in any number of Trainers or Training groups, or go to them, and expand on your RIT knowledge and techniques. But, we need to recognize that RIT is not a class, it is a continued thought process for every perpetual student of the fire service. Please call me if you want to talk more about the potential training opportunities.

Michael Waldron
I agree with you on the importance of RIT. I recently took a Basic RIT training basically for two reasons. The first one is because there are a few of my members who have been throwing around the idea of starting a RIT Team at our station and as an officer I wanted to show my support for them so I took the the training with them. I am excited to see how far they take it. The second reason was to familiarize myself with what a RIT Team needs and can do when on a scene. That reason was to help me personally as being IC and possibly needing a RIT Team.
I put together a short powerpoint on the basics of RIT that we used as an add on for a FF1 class we did last year. I am currently rewriting it, as after taking Instructor 2, I see that my slides could be greatly improved. I am also splitting it into two presentations, "Basic RIT" for firefighters and "RIT for Chiefs". The idea is to present both in a semi-combined single day class.

The basic version has History of RIT, RIT Codes & Standards, and then some basics on Apparatus, Tools & Equipment, and RIT skills. The idea is that the presentation should be 1-2 hours and then members move to the drill field for practical skills.

The Chief version expands the codes and standards section in order to dispel some myths and misinformation that I have seen going around. It also expands on a section about who is on your RIT, both inbound and outbound. It also goes into some ICS & Tactical stuff that is not really needed in the basic setting. The idea is that then the Chiefs comes out and join the rest of the class in scenarios based drills.

Both classes end with a section on further training available from our State Fire Academy. I strongly encourage all students to seek out more formal training, as this class is designed as an awareness level class. I am by no means an expert on RIT, it is just a subject that I am very interested in.


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