the stories that yall have for 1st fire, biggest fire, worst call, anything to get some chating going on

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this isn't too bad i was doing a ride-along with one of the local micu's back home before i became a member of the station which i know belong too (we staff a paid micu then if theres a 2nd due call we staff with vollunteers) anyways i was on the micu with a cool medic and a cool emt anyways we ran a short wreck in the mornin then we get a standby assignment for a demestic in progress so we respond and staged a distance away from the residence next thing i know more cops are coming and i want to say i counted at least 10 cops go flying by the micu and the qrs unit and i started talkin with the emt and medic and there like these are some fucked up people were dealin with backwoods country hicks you can use your imagination on that one but we continue talking about these guys and there like yea these guys are always fighting and they'll usually burn one of there houses down every year or 2 finally pd releases us then county comes back and tells us to report to the police station and i walk in and there is a 300 plus guy sittin there he got peppered spray so we try to wipe some off not know what else we could do turns out he threw a safe at one of his cousins over something really stupid and after the diversity of calls we got that day i put in my application and its one of the best things i've ever done i know each and everyone of you guys will argue with me on this point its the greatest group of people i've ever met and most likely will ever meet in my life oh and sorry for no punctuation and bad grammer never was my strong point
hey im looking into the army ,or air force for firefighting, what one is better and i might have a better chance of staying in maine or going over seas,im not sure about what to do , i just graduated from school,but i live in a small towm of a mill (poland springs water), and cow farms whitch ive worked on my hole life but no one is hireing because of the econemy ,, and i want tho stay in the fire/ems gigs,, combat medic from what i hear aint to bad i have a friend that is a medic/mp/sf,and my mom and dad are bolth retired army so its the family but im only 17 and am also wondering if i can do medic or fire at 17, i turn 18 in july ,,im a cna (nurse asst.) and will do anything for an adreniline rush.. im in shape for just bout anything,, and im in a emt-basic class in march,, if you have any tips or anything for me im all open ears ,,, thanks
I'm a medic in the Air Force and I like it, I've been in for 2.5 years now. If I had the chance to do it all over again....I would do it in a heart beat. As medics we dont do as much as the Army Combat Medic or the Navy Coreman but our quality of life is better. Medics go through 5 months of training to include NREMT and a little bit if nursing. Most work is in an inpatient unit, outpatient unit, or health care clinic; you dont get to choose which! FF school is 3 months long and includes FF1, FF2, HAZMAT, AARF and more! The Army FF's do their training at an AF base so its the same schooling but the Armys way of life is tougher. Active Duty is not the way to go if you want to stay at home and if you go Guard or Reserve you would still have to find a job back home! Some civillian departments you have to be 21 to be a "FF" volunteer or paid!! If you have a specific question that you would like answered i would be happy to help.
actuly the army nolonger has firefighting as a job any more its now given to DoD civs so yeah it sucks lol
as a matter of fact it is still an MOS!!!!!!......just not as Active Duty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you dont have the guts. just like you dont have the guts to cross into the blue!!!
THATS IT DAMN AF PEOPLE ** flys to mandis base and runs at her and smacks her ass thenm runs off** HAHAHAHAH GOT YOU YOU DAMN AF and i would cross into the blue if the af recruters would do there fucking job i would have been a pararescue jumper so shut your damn mouth
Ok im in ait right now. Yes the army still has active firefighters and actaully im training with quite a few of them. Im am active. There are not phasing them out either. Recruiters don't know anything about 12m.


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