The long fought battle, which do you prefer to be on the truck or the engine. WHY?

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I have responded in many diffrent types of units, Command, rescue.. bla bla bla, really just getting there to help is fine. But, if I had to choose it would be an engine, it's where I started and I always enjoyed it.


It doesnt matter to me which ever engine gets me to the fire. If we get a fire out in the township the second engine does water supply. So I try to make the first engine which lets me play either with the hose or truck co. ops.

Defiantly the Truck. While the engine guys are making their way down the hallway, the truckies are passing by to get above the fire for a search, vent or rip out the walls to see where the fire is going. Or on the OV (outside vent) right to the roof to get the heat, gases and steam off of the engine Co's by venting the roof. Or worst case scenario, VES (vent enter search) and get all fire victims out and down the ladder. Not many engines do that! ;-)

Most of the time I'm a truck guy. Even when I'm on the engine, especially on mutual aid, our engine crew usually passes the two truck companies that arrived before us and we start throwing ladders, venting rough and such. However, I'll take a nozzle if your not using it and theres still fire.

the truck cause i dont need no stinking hose

gotta be the truck... at least there I'm expected to make holes in things and generally being allowed to do a little damage to save the building.

unless its really cold then i'll be at the business end of a hose debating wether to stay warm a little while longer or just put it out, clean up and go home

Truckies are #1 !!!! But on the seriuos side, of courese we need both. That is why on our "trucks" we carry a little of both. Since we are volunteer and have limited resources we tend to combine them. It works out very well. We have both resources at all of the locations of our rigs.

Well being way out in the country (Schoharie County NY) we don't have a lot of high rise buildings, for that matter not too many    over 2 stories, so no need for a "truck"  ( sigh ) But we still do Truck ops all the same. love being on the roof . if we need it a Mutual aid call goes out to a neighbor Dept. for a stick. But i will gladly do the truck work.......

I'm a Hook, pure and simple. Was brought in by a Hook, the people that got my back the most are Hooks. Truckies are generally the search and rescue, the ventilation, auto extrication... I started certification as an EMT before I got into my department and doing many of the jobs a truckie does works well into that. Mind you, our fire department doesn't really assign like that. The hose companies don't just work with hose lines and the hook and ladder company doesn't just go up on the roof. I've had a fair amount of time on the knob as well.



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