What are the most important things to learn? Things that you wouldn't think of right away... maybe that aren't in the firefighter 1 book???


Lets hear some real stories, of mistakes, or of how the training you recived worked for you!

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Build body strength. If you aren't already on a workout program, get on one. The sooner the better. CARDIO, CARDIO, CARDIO!!! Your endurance, stamina, and strength are all pushed to the max during emergencies....

Good luck and stay safe!

LT C. Cates
Besides fitness,never expect a call to go like the book says it should. Expect the unexpected,emergency scenes are dynamic,ever-changing. Take advantage of every call to learn,what went right, what can you improve on?
Don't expect to come out of the training academy as an expert-your learning curve should never end.
that there is no such thing as a routine call
Fitness is important but more important is practice safety and keep your eyes open on a scene and soak it all in.Like has already been mentioned what you read in a book and what actually happens are two totally different things.Like an old timer from my department told me when I got on and I live by these words "when you think you know it all,it's time to retire because your gonna get your self hurt or killed!!"


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