Ok... what's the VOLLYBALL for? (Water tanker/tender people question)

I was going through the pumper during "truck checks" last week... opened the door next to the pump controls and discovered a volleyball.


I asked the FF that was going through it with me what it was for, and he said that is for the porta-tank.

I guessed, "oh, so the pump operator can see the water level quickly (like in poor lighting conditions)?"

To which he said, "actually it's for when you use two tanks, it keeps the hose from getting clogged."

(FYI - he is not the "training officer").


We had a lot to cover so we kept going... But I wanted to know more (being the curious probie I am).  I looked in my textbook when I got home: (5th Edition of Essentials of Fire Fighting and Fire Department Operations) Chapter 12, Water Supply.


FOUND THE VOLLEYBALL! (in my book, pg 614, Figure 12.39) in a porta-tank demonstrating the use of a siphon supply line, in the tank recieving the water from the other tank.


The textbook does not even MENTION the volleyball (but it has a picture of it)!


In the picture it doesn't LOOK to be doing anything other than just going for a swim... and being pushed around by the incomming water.


A) Was I right?

B) If HE was right, how does a volleyball keep the OUTPUT side of a hard siphon hose from getting clogged?

C) Is it none of the above, and if so WHAT?

D) A and B

E) All of the above

F) Other (please explain)



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Oh okay...

So, it is used in ANY porta-tank when drafting?
Like, in a single tank, use it... if siphoning from one to the other, have one in both tanks?

Makes sense now.... thanks Capt!
Okay... the "textbook" shows the ball floating in the tank being drafted from / filled with the siphon.

Can't see much of the tank being siphoned from in the textbook picture... but what you said makes more sense as that tank would be the one most at risk of getting low and loosing it's prime.

[Notice I put "textbook" in "quotes" because as good as textbooks are, I know they don't have ALL the answers and occasionally even have... mistakes *GASP*]
Capt is right its to keep your pump from sucking up air and losing prime.
Thanks for the info!


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